[Quote] fixed, don't be a twat.

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[Quote] that happened to me. sort of i got some jeans n they tried to charge me 7 quid a few months ago, didnt bother paying it. any idea what'll happen?

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'got a spare quater?' ohhhhhhhh, just playin ;)

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just make an OFFICIAL crackhead thread? stoner's only please. k thx bye

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[Quote] it's a stoner thread. not a crack head one, that shits just dirty.

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nothing beats the first high IMO. anything after just gets you chilled. durin a session, does anyone else ever seem to get to the point when you can just carry smoking and maintain the same level of high? its like ur in the zone lol

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yeah we do get health care for free, but the National Health Service is shit anyway. and yeah people do get paid to go to collage here - 30 gbp max (depending on parents income) HOWEVER - you get to have a pimp for a president, we get an ugly scottish prick that looks like he's had a stroke. i think we're on par

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^^ i agree with that guy to be fair, not that i condone fakes. saw a guy at my collage rocking some floms (obviousley fake), barely anyone knows what dunks are where im at, let alone if somethings legit. i just shook my head n let it go.

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[Quote] there you have it then. chill out man, embrace the high.

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i dont even now. i just say a load of shit with 'ocha' at the end. i always get a double espresso to follow though vbsmokeyface

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playaa playaaaaaaa

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this is pointless.

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on my pink boxes, the box doesnt say SB but the lace bag + tongue does.

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yep, dont know where your at. but the one up birmingham is sick

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