Anyone know how to blow up an image so the quality doesnt suffer too much? I know it probably will but if theres a way to do it properly with like photoshop or somehthing. Its this [Image] Its not tiny to start with but apparently needs to be 300 resolution for the printer ([URL]) So any tips very much welcome, thanks

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Theres some really professional looking stuff in here, really impressed of the level of work. Cool.

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Or maybe just do some traveling and try get some perspective on things. This obviously require some cash so you would have t save up for a while. Just an idea, I know it has worked for many of my friends...

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@FvrbyxFeralx your work is really cool, I like the linework and style.  @awondrfulmistake your stuff is amazing too! youve got a really distinctive style, so jealous! sweet work.  Do people here ever digitalise drawings like these? Meaning do you bring them into photoshop or whatever to tweak or edit the details or colors? Ive been starting to do this and I would like to trace some of my line work as well so that I could scale them without losing quality. For example I have a couple of A5 (ish) drawings I would like to print in bigger size, like A4 or A3 but my printer ([URL]) says theres no way of blowing up the pictures without losing quality.  Any ideas or suggestions?

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leopard stuff is so over used, getting really on my nerves. well the people (girls) who use it usually have no fashon sense anyway though hah.

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Cool seeing allthese small brands coming out, internet is making the marketplace so much more fair. Big money doesnt dominate 100 % anymore

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Its not always easy finding what you want to do in life. Its one of the biggest decisions in your life, not to add pressure ha. And some people might seem like they have it all figured out but thats often just because they want to seem confident and like they know what theyre doing.  Dont stress about it too much, youre still really young and you shouldnt have your life figured out 100 per cent. Just try different jobs and fields and maybe talk to a career advisor or somehting. But you will probably not achieve all those things in your list, you need to be more realistic. If you want money, go for that. If you want to be creative, free, wild and travel, do that. Those two practically never overlap.

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Timberlakes has always had good style, I like that he tries to do something different from time to time.

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