So, I am trying to shift my learning at the moment in vectoring. I know all about them, I know what they are.. just Im curious if anyone knows any good sites that gives a good tutorial or general tips on beginners starting to vector images. If anyone can post some links - that would be amazing, and a big help. thanks.

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Yea so i'm looking for a pair of Air Max 97 Kashima's sz 12 or 11.5 THANKS.

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So i am hitting up seattle possibly next week to pick up some records, also some clothing/sneaks as well. So i am curious where is the best place to shop for records; i was reading that sonic boom is a good place.. i am just looking for a cheap record store but with some good findings.. also a dope sneaker & clothing store.. thanks alott..blushing

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so i am looking in the market for a new DSLR (used to have a d70s, but had to sell it and now with only film)... so i am curious which ones i should go for.. D40, D60, D80... now i like the fact that the d40 is a bit similar to the d80, but dislike the fact that they wont take older nikon lenses.. d60 cuz of the kit price, but it only takes VR lenses and the d80 well cuz the body is fairly cheap.. overall great camera and will take the older nikon lenses.. now i want to hear your intake on the bodies.. haha and guide me to the right body (right now i am feeling the d80 more though). thanks.

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so basically i am wanting to get an iphone that is unlocked but just worried about the software and if my iphone freezes or whatnot.. I just want to know if anyone of you who has bought an iphone who lives in canada has experienced any problems??? blushing

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YO loch. happy bday best wishes... hope you get what you want man, and enjoy your day lol

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Seriously, high winds close to hurricane speeds.. In victoria the winds were 147km/h THATS FREAKING CRAZY.. Huge trees have been knocked over especially in stanly park.. the wind son thursday were at 94km/h!!. Houses being completely destroyed, marinas being destryoed.. this shits nuts now it snowed during friday night.. i think this is sign all from global warming..

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what type of film do you all use on your cameras. i am curious because i am curently using kodak 400Tmax and 400 TX.. is there any suggestions on any film i should be getting. Black & White or color film brands you can name.

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soo basically i have heard that goodfoot is moving to vancouver bout 3 months ago, and i havn't heard if it has been built yet.. for the J Dilla hat/CD release party they are relasing it at goodfoot locations and it says vancouver is one of the locations for goodfoot which is supposedly located at Ransom 36 Powell St. SO my question is HAS anybody seen it built yet? thank you.

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so basically i am trying make a small radio station kind of like the weeklydrop.. jjust for fun, and try to get people on the show daily say like anyone on HB who has skype i woul dhave a certain topic of the week and we woul dhave group discussions on the topic..?/ what do you guys think.. just trying to figure out on posting podcasts before i can go through with it. also need a template for the banner, the site will be on blogger soo yea... would anyone be intrested?. i wanna just test a few things on it first got a few programs for the show.. anyone with skype wanna help me my skype id is djqstnmrk thanks.

Started by Blogger//, 2 Weeks ago in Off Topic its pretty funny i think. some parts are stupid some parts are HELLA FUNNY.

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so basically i am wondering how does paypal work.. i am buying something.. so i just gotta know (and its my first time using it).. I send th emoney to the person i am buying the thing from.. and does paypal send my account info to the persons account so they know where to send the stuff??

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i wanna get some grillz LOL.. does anyone know where to get some in vancouver area?!

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soo theres a dunny 3 opening/party/trade thing going on at voltage which is on main.. and i was wondering if anyones going.. it starts at 6 and ends at 9 and you can bring anything to trade shoes,decks,toys,paintings blushing. i will be going hope to see some ppl there .

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soo i am basically looking for jordan 13 in vancouver.. does anyone know where to get some.. or they don't sell them in stores no more... i am guessing they don't sell them in stores. sorry for this dumb question.. i have played ball in them before and they were great an di want to get apair of them again but i got mine when they acvhually came out..

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