[Quote] Worst trend in the entire thread

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Looks pretty Pendelton-ish, but dont know if they actually made those

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It's worth visiting Pede&stoffer aswell, they have alot of HAN which is pretty cool. Le fix probarly have the friendliest staff in copenhagen and alot of british heritage stuff (Barbour, Henri Lloyd, Stone Island, Fred Perry etc.) You wanna avoid Boltens G

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Hey yo I'm visting Vancouver for a few days, and i was wondering where the best shops are at? We'll probarly visit Gastown and main street area. I thought Haven and Roden Gray looked pretty good, but i'd like to seem some streetwear stores aswell, carrying the likes of Nike, Huf, the hundreds, vans and diamond supply. Any suggestions? Greetings from Denmark ;)

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Heyy everyone. I have ordered a Ti$a cap 4 and half week ago, and it was shipped approx. 4 weeks ago. But i have yet to receive it. I live in Denmark, and i therefore expected a long wait, but 4 weeks!! They sent me the tracking information, but i couldn't find my package in the USPS system using the tracking-number. The Danish postal service said that it usually takes 2 weeks, and can at the highest take 3 weeks to ship from Denmark to US. I then wrote 2 emails to Ti$a, and they have yet to reply. They were both written Sunday morning (4 days ago). Have anyone experienced similar problems with ti$a/other companies, and what can i do? Thanks in advance

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