Lookin to pick up a pair of Supreme Blazers..just don't know what size to order. I go with sz 11 sb lows, 10.5 highs.

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I was at pedestrian in philly last weekend and they only had a medium smh Anyone know where I could grab a xl or l or is it pretty much a wrap at this point? [Image]

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and anyone have links as to where to cop? same style as the one on the right: [Image]

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Are there fakes of these or is it safe to buy off of ebay? Any other recomendations as to where I could grab online? If there are fakes...how do I spot them.

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What is the hot shit to check out in either locale? I'm talking clubs, stores, restaurants, coffee shops, etc...

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[Image] I heard oct. 1st, but I called all the usual sneaker shops in philly yesterday and no dice yet. Anyone know for sure if they are being released this week? Any good places to grab online?

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I picked up a pair of the anderson camo joints yesterday in size 11. Got home, and they felt like 11.5/12's. Had to take them back today and exchange for a 10.5 which fits perfect. So i'm wondering, do the dunk highs run larger? I have some hawaii's in 11 that are a perfect fit. What gives? More padding in the hawaii's? I"m a little worried now because I just won some sz 11 dunk high fantastic 4 things on ebay and I don't want to run into the same problem I just had with the andersons. and for the hell of it...my small, but growing collection: [Image]

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from the fantastic 4 pack. Seems like these weren't hyped up so much so there might be a few places selling. Are these guys legit?: [URL]

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I noticed this the other day. Look at the attention to detail on the allover print hoodie famous stars and stripes sells for $50, compared to what bbc sells for $300+ [Image] the logos don't even match up, it's a fuckin mess. Looks like it was sewn by one of the amateurs on this forum. I mean, if BBC could atleast get their logos to line up at the zipper seem, then atleast they'd give bootleggers a harder time to copy shit. What gives, are people really paying this much for a full zip?

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question is, is it worth it? By what i'm reading on the board, seems like all the hot shit sells out right away. What can I expect to be in stock if I do make a stop there?

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I have a local skateshop with the sb hookup. Do skateshops that can get special dunks get special af1's also (even though it isn't really considered a skate shoe)? Or are af1's generally found at other spots....

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any ideas? I'm particularly looking for a famous stars and straps fitted. White logo, black hat. The fsas site has a black hat w/ yellow logo.

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I've been lurking on this forum for a while. I really wanted a pair of the p-rod futura's but didn't want to pay the $300 pricetag on ebay and other site. Went to the local skateshop tonight to pick up the new (cheaper) p-rods (the black suede with red swoosh), and they had a few pairs of hawaii dunks left, so I snatched up a pair instead. Pretty comfy shoe. They also had 1 pair of tiffany dunks in 9 there (which is way to small for me). Worth picking them up anyway to ebay them? [Image]

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