[Quote]fuck outta here nigga no one is on any "elite badass" shit. This is the internet. Fucked up shit happens. I'm sayin you should be desensitized by all that by now, especially being on this forum. Those weak ass reactions plus my nigga gettin that ban shows HB went soft. I don't give a fuck about that baby #itiswhatitis

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You niggas are afraid of a gif of a nigga shittin on a baby. HB forums got real bitchmade smh none of u niggas are real

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Ghost fam.....say it ain't so b

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I'm bored so I'll participate, and I'm assuming its based of JUST BARS ALONE 1. Notorious BIG 2. Eminem 3. Rakim 4. AZ 5. 2pac 6. Nas 7. Andre 3k 8. Big L 9. Jay - Z 10. Big Pun 11. Lupe Fiasco 12. Wu Tang 13. Talib Kweli 14. Big Daddy Kane 15. ATCQ 16. Mos Def 17. Common 18. Slick Rick 19. Scarface 20. Charles Hamilton 21. Kendrick Lamar 22. Redman 23. Ice Cube 24. DMX 25. Snoop Dogg But in the end its a matter of OPINION so no one can really be wrong. Some of your opinions are OD funny tho. Also idk how you can base this off anything other than LYRICS man but to each his own.

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Why the fuck are you guys bumping old ass threads man? smh

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This thread has failed so far smh

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Back when Tyler was on the forums still and dropped BASTARD I was like damn this nigga is pretty dope he might actually do this shit. After Rolling Papers it was only a matter of time. They slowly built up a cult following that went from college aged kids to angry suburban white teens. I think we we're all really fans but they more annoying of the fans came after Kanye tweeted the Yonkers video cuz thats when basically everyone that wasnt on HB started listening. As much as people keep saying "OF's hype is dead" or "OF is dead" lol thats not true. It's just when you dont put shit out for a while for other reasons (they have tours, a tv show, a store to run) music isnt gonna drop every day. But theyre doing a hell of a job with this "15 minutes" they supposedly have lol. Also I'm pretty sure MTV is in love with Tyler and wont let him die. He along with OF filled that void of shock that we lost when Eminem decided to tone it down thats why they got popular so fast. And we all know how much MTV loves Em. OF aint goin anywhere.

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Fuck Trey songs

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[Quote] Shit i couldnt have been older than like 10 or 11 if that but that shit is funny looking back now

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Bane aaaaaaaahhhhhhh yes. I love this feud the most. Hopefully it follows the comic very thoroughly.

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[Quote] Zamn

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I love Japan so much

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Lol @ this nigga being on Hypebeast. Tell that nigga to get on tinychat so I know its real

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Back when they had the black cable boxes we used to flip through channels. I remember we only got to like channel 60 or w/e but channel 54 was all bad looking and you couldnt see shit unless you REALLY looked at it and focused. The sound worked tho, and it was always women moaning n shit so one day i just kept it there and when i focused enough i could see some softcore porn.

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