[URL] Would like to sell a pair of gold strikes that were hemmed 2 inches in length making them 34 inches in length only worn about ten times maybe even less. Was hoping to get $180-$200 pm me with offers. Will ship to US only thank you

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Anyone got any ideas?

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preferably hoodies pm me please thanks

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Anybody who can help me come up with some ideas would be much appreciated for a poster on the Khmer Rouge.

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Any transcendentalism songs that are easy to point out transcendentalism? Need it for school.

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someone play me unless you guys are down for a private team up. GT; z Authentical z.

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Watch this guy man. [Embed content]

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Same dude that produced Goldie, [Image] Released a mixtape today your thoughts on it?

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who fucks with this nigga? [Embed content]

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anyone mess with peas & carrots [Embed content]

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