I need to step my Wu-tang game up. So HB tell me whats good? What should I buy old school -- new school? Im more than open to positive comments... Thanks. P.S. I know im late comin up on Wu, but as long as I come up it doesnt matter.

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Who do you have? Personally im going for Hatton, the guy is tough and to me he is a real fighter. Mayweather doesnt really fight to me. He more so wiggles around the ring getting a quick punch in. Plus Hatton's fan base is fat. If you have even seen it in person like I have you would definitly remember it.

Started by Hatton v. Mayweather, 2 Weeks ago in Sports

[URL] Umm am I the only person that is really juiced about this movie? Thoughts on the trailer, concept anything you want.

Started by The Official American Gangster Thread, 2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

[URL] Dnt know if you all had seen this yet.

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By Odeisel In the last few years we

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Should I start one up? I would like to do this by the end of the day so all of you people let me know. Ill basically be looking for someone that would want to run this league with me. I would love to do this full time but... I have somewhat of a life. So PM me if your down.

Started by Hypebeast Fantasy Football, 2 Weeks ago in Sports

This is my situation. My so called best friend and I did a catering job together. We got paid $1713. Split down the middle the amount comes to $856.50. This man used his and my half of the money to pay off some lawyers in some legal issues that had nothing to do with me, leaving me with a whole lotta nothing. These are my choices: 1. Beat the crap out of him 2. Beat the crap out of him and then he still has to pay me my money w/ interest 3.Draw out some type of legal binding contract where we would both agree to him paying me back in a timely fashion. If the date stated isnt met w/in the agreed amount of time, I beat the crap out of him. 4. Draw out a contract where he would agree to giving me his material possesions. i.e. Xbox 360 w/ all games and controllers, 50in LCD HDTV and his computer that I built. Fellow HB'ers, I come to you all tonite to ask what option should I take??? Try to keep this as serious as possible.

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Im looking into buying some vitamin supplements but I wanted to know what my fellow people take. And what you would possibly reccomend?

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Idk. Just wondering if I was the only person on HB that watches these shows. Im a cook myself and these things really interest me. *now waits around for that one person to come around and say something stupid*

Started by Anyone here watch Top Chef or Hell's Kitchen?, 2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

[URL] What are your thoughts? Personally ive liked them all.

Started by The Bourne Ultimatum, 2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

Its all in this video. [URL]

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When do these drop? I dont care what anyone thinks I believe that these are stub and in my book they are a must have. So when and where in the bay area can I cop?

Started by Japan Limited Edition Lakai Telford, 2 Weeks ago in Japan

Any expectations? What is everyone thinking off of what you've seen on the trailer? [URL]

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So word has it that the 11's are coming back? And a source at Nicekicks.com is saying that its going to be a expensive year? Well I was wondering what supposed to be so 'expensive' like they're saying?

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Ive listened to a lot of music and I was always wondering what was the deal with the whole 'triple beam' term? Just wondering.

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