[URL] and then you can sign up too

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anybody watch this shit

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icp dickrider who can only rap about bein white.... [URL]

Started by I hate haystack, 2 Weeks ago in Music

why the fuck is this shit so pop.?

Started by I swear if i see another jerking video, 2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

you guys should give me some scary songs to play

Started by DJing a halloween party, 2 Weeks ago in Music

shit is way too dope check him out

Started by Anyone heard of bassnecter, 2 Weeks ago in Music

like 2 years ago that said it was a mfdoom remix of labels by GZA and it had a kinda lyrics to go by tribe beat to it...any help i cant find it anywhere...the name of the track wasnt labels or anything like that it was something like doom tang clan or something like that DOES anybody know this track and where i can relocate it

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im goin to philly in july and wanted to meet up with some peoples... who lives in philly

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hes calling 5 dollar bills fifths (pronounced fiv) hes using worlds like salty and phrases like on the for real tip im just waiting till he starts taking my shirts and shit

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does anyone play counterstrike on pc we should start that hypebeast clan

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that zodiac thread got me thinkin on whos my fav killer son of sam for sure post yours ha

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[URL] discuss

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Started by murs KILLIN that rick ross beat, 2 Weeks ago in Music

right now its lost by zoe

Started by songs that will put you to sleep, 2 Weeks ago in Music

what were we thinking haha [URL]

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