Well here's another gem from Netflix(no longer there tho). I gave it 5  stars there and 9 on IMDB. The Orphanage (El Orfanato 2007) [Image] Ran across this movie last year while doing a search on Guillermo Del Toro - He's only involved in it as a producer - and it was a cool fucking flick. Spanish language with english subs. The movie has plenty of suspense and the visual effects are on point. Also the storyline is really good.  I'm sure you can find it online or at your local spot. Anybody else seen it? What you think? Here's a trailer: [Embed content]

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Gotta say one of the best "lone wolf" types of movie I have seen in quite awhile. I saw the movie last year on Netflix and decided to watch it once more this past weekend, and man it just gets better. [URL] If you can deal with the subs and not be bothered by them, you should definitely enjoy this flick. Netflix should still have it and YouTube does too. Anybody else seen it? What you think? This was South Korea's highest grossing film of 2010 and rightfully so. Better than most of the recycled Hollywood shit we've been getting here in the States.

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[URL] Crazy fucks walking into Zumiez and going off on people. Can't even buy shitty OBEY gear without fear of getting shot...

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As the title suggest, I'm giving away some free samples from my humble start-up called Highways Co.   I have ten pieces to give out but three are already spoken for by Queue, Calidreams and Malachi Shockley -- thanks for reaching out guys.   All I ask for in return is a simple fit pic, so I can use it as promo on my instagram. Also if you like the tees and would consider supporting me, please follow me @highwaysco   I plan on having 4-6 designs done for late spring drop. I do all the work myself, from sourcing the blanks, screening, curing, labeling and shipping. I'm also working on the site which I hope to be up and running by the end of the month. One thing I need to outsource is the photography shit, man I truly suck at taking pics lol. Her are the two shirts, if interested reply here with your size and which design you like most.  I'll try to make sure you get the one you picked but its not guaranteed. Also because of the fact that these are my first samples, I wont be able to add all the extras like neck labels, hangtags, fancy packaging and stuff -- sorry but they are free lol. I'm only giving away sizes MEDIUM and LARGE.  I'm only giving away sizes MEDIUM and LARGE.   Please once you respond in the thread, send me a PM with your address. I'll be going to the post office tomorrow. Thanks fam!!! Joey HIGHWAYS Co. Double Crossed -- Gray plastisol ink on Black, Navy, Red or White long sleeve tee. Please specify which color, I'll try to fulfill the request. [Image] Hope you guys like em. Working on more designs right now fam. HIGHWAYS Co. 2014

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Delete this shit...

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Delete this shit...

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Finally scheduled the ccw class and wanted to know if anyone else here carries? I have had my LCP for awhile but only for the home, but with the shit that's going on with the harder gun laws, I'm gonna grab the license before it gets too complicated. Next purchase is a Mossberg 500 Home Defender, can't fucking wait. If you carry, wanna share what you have?

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Aight here's the deal, my brother and I are about to be releasing a clothing brand and we have gotten in contact with dancers/bboys from the Cleveland Cavaliers' Scream Team. A couple of the guys from the crew are gonna be rep'n the brand and we are going to be producing a few vids for the promos, therefore I'm looking for a couple of hot songs/tracks. We will also be doing a few vids featuring local bmx dudes that shred like fucking crazy, and we will be promoting/putting them into bigger events for support. I know there's a "post your shit" thread but I really don't have the time to listen to every link posted, so I have decided to tell you what we don't like and what we do and this will let you know if you should post your stuff here for us to check out. Shit we don't like: 2 Chainz Soulja Boy Odd Future Gucci Any other shit that sounds like them. We really don't like down south hip-hop - sorry if your feelings got hurt, but it's not our style. If you stuff has nothing but dick/cunt/molly jokes/rhymes -- keep your shit to yourself... Shit we like: French Kendrick Rick Ross Fabolous We like more east coast shit but we are down to listen to new stuff. That's just for reference. We DO like good lyrics and metaphors, so if your shit has those, please post 'em. Again this is just reference material but do be honest with yourself and don't post shit just to promo it here. If we choose to use your material, you will be given full credit on the video and site, plus some free gear. Also we do plan on doing a mixtape for promo reasons for next winter, so your shit will be included if it all pans out. The mixtape will be a freebie added to online sales, so you won't be getting monetary compensation but you will get promo from it which will benefit you. Thanks for reading! We will contact you via pm if we think we can use your material. Joey L.

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[URL] I'll be honest, I really like the old school better. Too bad he split in '94... Kinda has a Supreme look to it with the reb/white box logo. I'm not sure if he was trying to go for the Supreme resemblance, considering the history. Anyways I'll keep an eye on the webshop and hopefuly something else pops up that I like. Here's some samples: [Image]

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Working out the smallest details concerning an upcoming brand and would like to know what kinda shirt would you guys go for, a 100% ringspun cotton or a cotton/polyester blend? I like the blended feel but the fit is a bit tighter. On the other hand there are many variations to the feel of a 100% cotton shirt, even within the same supplier, so I ask u -- go to your closet, pull out your favorite shirt and see what kinda material it is, and then let me know. Tnx a mill! Joey

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