i'm white

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maybe 15, I never have more than 4 or 5 pairs I wear regularly

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he should lay off the alcohol

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[Quote] same here

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I wear a pair around the house. they're comfy, buy a size larger than normal so you can put em on without hands

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[Quote] i tie my sperrys like a normal shoe except under the tongue and it never comes undone

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I take a multivitamin and protein powder to supplement a low fat diet. Exercise and diet are 99% of the equation; people put too much thought into supplements and chemicals because they want an easy fix.

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There needs to be playoffs. Every other sport has one and so does div II. I didn't even watch the championship game last year, and speaking of that why is it always on a Monday?

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puerto vallarta beach front. get the hell out of AK, it's been cloudy for a month straight

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xx-005 fit pics, just broken in after a month [Image]

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ford fusion. drive one, you'll be surprised

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I have a two foot copy of Curse of Lono... it's like Fear and Loathing, but in Hawaii. He's overrated because all of the acid heads think Thompson is the best author ever. His books are entertaining, but doing drugs like he did fucked up my world. Fear and Loathing on the Campaign trail is good journalism, but he was my idol when I was 14 and now... not so much.

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jews should get the hell out of palestine

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