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definitely size up and hit me up if anyone wants a track jacket from mhi size Medium.

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weird. All the hate over a jacket or two. Stussy is probably one of the more consistent companies out there.

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Its kind of funny that they used Nas' most hypebeast style picture wearing that cement print hoody and deltas

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Not sure if anyone on this board would care but damn I am loving the King Tee. Surprised someone even knew about King Tee to give him recognition. [Image]

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i remember buying yellow rat bastard(not sure if this was the exact name)? from them and i think drunknmunky too

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i have two older rogue status tees, the logo ones, and im pretty sure they are AAA. Does anyone know what their new stuff is? I heard they cut and sew them now.

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[Quote] I don't mean to be insulting but how do you know it was supreme if your friend didn't even know? or better yet also bought aNYthing and approached Alife and Acapulco gold if he didn't even know what supreme was?

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seems to be a lot of people that hate this seasons stuff even though I kind of like a lot of it. I don't know whats so wrong about the whole Tyson tee though because he is from NYC and raw with what he says and does. Seems perfect for Supreme.

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i have bought stuff from them and they answered the emails pretty quickly.

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not sure if that was what it was called but it seemed to have disappeared as soon as it appeared.

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defined by footlocker [Image]

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its no big deal. Even the phrase original fake i believe was coined by Andy Warhol for signatures that he had on certain original art pieces that he had someone else sign.

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kind of off topic but very similar if you really think about it. [URL]

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