I swear Friday Night Lights was the original Cole World

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Damn after workout and mr.nice watch, being a fan from the come up I was a little worried. This surpassed all my expectations, easily one of the best albums I have heard in awhile.

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[Quote] .

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To everyone who is saying "why the fuck do you care" you are naive as hell, religion influences EVERYTHING, George Bush declared a war because he had a "sign" from God. You got a large portion of this country who thinks Obama is Muslim and muslim=terrorist, religion defines how we see entire regions of this planet. There is so much history and politics intertwined with religion, so when you say "does their beliefs ever effect you," it does everyday.

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[Quote] This conspiracy about the pyramids is such ethnocentric bullshit, did aliens create the burj khalifa? give me a fuckin break, just because it wasn't the Greeks or Romans, doesn't mean it was aliens. And I'm not saying aliens don't exist, the vastness of the cosmos, and common elements which support life being found in our own solar system would suggest they do.

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Honestly if you thought this movie was good in anyway you have some low fucking standards, this was probably one of the worst films I have ever seen, a good third of the theater walked out.|0

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Can anyone recommend me a high quality artist in Toronto? Price is not an issue, but the piece I am looking to get requires a lot of detail. Any help would be appreciated, I have looked around and seem to be getting a lot of mixed results. Thanks

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[Quote] His music sucks too

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Checked out the site. I am thinking weird guy and indigo/deep selvedge. What's the average pricing on these jeans(in Toronto)? It said 100$ on the first few pages but I just wanna confirm. Does the showroom still sell em? Is there a better place in T.O.? Thanks in advance

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Essentially this: [Image] Explains this shit. But hey, Japans a fucked up place and some weird ass people(mostly whites) from the West get some sort of hard on for the lifestyle/culture and move/go there (No offense to actual Japanese people I'm sure some of ya'll are pretty normal.)

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[Quote] LOL should spend less time on HB and more time getting an education

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LOL a ♥♥♥♥♥ passed out in the bar last night all dehydrated, jaw grinding and shit, trying to give me daps and me and my ♥♥♥♥♥s just high munchin on chicken wings smh, shit is wack in my opinion.

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[Image] American military presence in over 150 countries, with nearly 400,000 personnel serving in the most developed force in the world. Iranian soldier captured in Afghanistan, America has 100,000 personnel in Afghanistan,Iran is the threat |0 (Lets not even get into the US involvement in Latin America, Africa, Asia, over the 20th century/cold war/everything else the US has done.)

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[QUOTE=J Son;2823477]Yeah it

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