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[URL] song hot smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface

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All hats are size 7 1/2. All have been worn at least a few times, but as you can see they are [B]ALL IN NEAR MINT CONDITION![/B] I only accept paypal. Any questions please SEND ME AN EMAIL for quickest response [email]jn3wman@gmail.com[/email] [B]ALL HATS ARE $35!!![/B] [B]EVERYTHING MUST GO ASAP!!![/B] [URL]

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Both these pairs are 100% authentic. I'm really hoping to get rid of both of these ASAP. I am not interested in trades. I only accept paypal & will ship immediately after payment. Any questions please email me [email]jn3wman@gmail.com[/email] Email will be a quicker way to reach me instead of PM on here. Jordan Fire Red III's $130 BIN - VVVVNDS. These have been worn maybe 3 times with NO creasing or discoloring. Jordan Black Cat IV's SOLD Both are Size 11. [Image]

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I'm about to hit the gym & then go out for drinks later. Feels weird to have absolutely nothing to do. I have like 2 months max before I'm flat broke. Anyone wanna help me skimask somebody?

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I need this stuff gone ASAP. Hit me up with any questions. ALL TEES & HOODIES ARE SIZE LARGE. ALL HATS ARE SIZE 7 1/2. I WILL ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL! I will respond to all PM's, emails, or IM's. I WILL LISTEN TO OFFERS!! [email]jn3wman@gmail.com[/email] AIM/ichat - SUPREME VA TEES & HATS- $30 SHIPPED EACH BLACK SCALE DTA COLLAB [Image]

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i ordered some shit from tobi on friday night it was shipped monday morning, but the estimated time of arrival is fuckin next monday. 7 days?? To ship a pair of jeans to VA? Granted they are in Cali but jesus christ, could've had the package in 2-3 max from priority. Fuck. I hate waiting for shit. Vent over.

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Anyone know of any current ones? REVOLVE, CONTEXT, CULTIZM, TOBI, AZELEA?

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Asking Price=$200 Paypal Only. These are 100% authentic as you can see & they've been worn twice. No creasing anywhere. Once sold, these will be double boxed & ship USPS. Hit me up with any questions. PM me or AIM. AIM/iChat = SUPREME VA [Image]

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Can anyone recommend any decent clubs/hangouts?

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Hai Guize! I'm trying to step my chinese food game up... I've been staring at this menu for like 15 minutes...Generals Tso's is getting played out.

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i will only accept CONFIRMED PAYPAL ADDRESSES ADD 4% (paypal fee) In4Mation x G-shock [DS] in Regular Casio G-Shock Box (sold to me that way @ a retail store in Cali) $200 Shipped OBO [Image]

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