just moved here for college. i know theres a goodfoot but what other shops do they got down here?

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just wondering how you guys wrap them around your neck to look like this [Image]

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[URL] smokeyface

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i just made almost 10$ from doing this shit! hahaha [URL]

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i like it when Will gives thanks to every thread. thank you will

Started by I Appreciate Will, 2 Weeks ago in Canada

anybody know the difference with [URL] ?)

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for some weird reason, im having trouble watching videos on youtube or even on the internet in general. i cant even watch movies i have on my computer? is it something with my video card. does anyone know what the fuck to do

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topic speaks for itself. funny ones are more recommended blushing

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i wanna get one of them but i dont know which one to get. anyone got any opinions? they look similar its a hard decision. i like how NBA 08 has the mini games. let me know ppl

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ive heard of using gel heel supports as tools to stop creasing. also DECREASERS. anything else? or anyone use the gel supports? did it work? let me knoW! and if yall got any other tools u can use to stop creasin. please SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE! thanks in advance blushing

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any sites based in CANADA that are like Karmaloop or UrbanIndustry or OneAnthem? i hate paying customs.

Started by What are some GOOD LEGIT sites based in CANADA to get streetwear?, 2 Weeks ago in Legit Checks

anyone buy from them in CANADA? was there duty/customs fees? and how long was shipping

Started by www.pickyourshoes.com, 2 Weeks ago in Canada

hey i wanna get some half cabs but i just want to see how it looks with different styles...i saw one fit in WDYWT and i know there is more when i look thru the pages, but its gunna take forever searching. please help me and post your fits of you wearing half-cabs!!! thanks!

Started by POST YOUR FITS (when wearing vans HALF CABS) here! plz, 2 Weeks ago in Vans

hey how do us canadians get shoes from nike ID? so gay how its only USA, or is there another way? anyone from CANADA ever order from NIKE ID? [URL]

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