Years ago I got a summer job as a server for a busy high end restaurant.  Went first day for an 8 hour shift.  Was basically thrown to the wolves and had no idea what I was doing.  Boss was a complete asshole.  They also gave me the shortest break ever and I was starving my entire shift.  Finished my shift and on the way out told the boss I quit lol. Worked lifeguard at a waterpark during my summers in highschool.  Actually liked the job.  Didnt actually get fired but was extremely close.  Saw a friend at the waterpark and started talking with him and not doing my job.  While talking a young kid that was like 4 got up onto the medium diving board with no life jacket.  Not sure where the parents were???  Defintely know it was my fault and I was being a dumbass teenager and thought talking to my friend was more important...Anway my supervisor was the first one to see it and came running to get the kid off the board.  Got my ass completely chewed out and almost got fired.

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Out of boredom im making this thread.  Ask me anything smokeyface

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Been home all day feeling under the weather.  Pretty bored so figured id start a ask me anything thread.  The wise homie dm made a thread bit ago annd I thought I would continue this #hbpositivitymovement.  No judgement passed.....ask a homie anything

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Brand new (still in wrap) Everybody skates smokey tee size medium.  $23 shipped. [Image]

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I have some pretty strange ass dreams.  Ill start this off - Had a dream last night that I was in like a mall or some shit and got in a fight with macklemore lol.  I think I had the dream cause right before I went to bed this girl i know sent me a snapchat selfie of her with him in an airport ( uh cool). Anyway, I landed a few good punches on him and shit before people broke up the fight. - couple nights ago I had a dream about breaking into my old highschool with my homie to try and film a trick skateboarding.  It was some rocket power type shit cause the rail was gigantic and really fake. Anybody else got some strange dreams?

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[Image] Supreme Pile Lined in gray size M (fall/winter 12) - $150 Supreme urban camo crusher size s/m (Fall/winter 13) - SOLD - No International shipping. - Paypal + 4%

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I am recently getting back into basketball and been playin some intramural games. Just looking for a used or maybe minor beater jordan or some basketball shoe in a size 8.5 or 9.  Some used or beat Jordan 11's would be about my top pick but im open to any basketball shoe.  May also consider paying for some gamma blues in that size if the price is fair.

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Looking for a dogs and ducks chore coat size large.  Would prefer tan but would settle for navy if the price is fair.

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Thread dedicated to strictly just drop dead beautiful girls. I mean I love looking at the jailbait and dat ass thread but what about those beautiful models... No big booty hoes here just pretty faces.... take that to "dat ass" thread (If they pretty face booty hoes thats okay I guess.) Ill post with some of my top picks:

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Wondering if theres someone out there who can sell me a long sleeve mirrors tee for a reasonable price (everything ive seen on ebay is rape)  Only looking for black.

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Thought in the spirit of Halloween we could maybe get scary story thread goin.  What are some of the scariest moments you have had in your life? Mine: Last November my friend started renting his first place in a pretty nice/normal middle class neighborhood.  I am away at college and my friend lives a couple hours away back in my hometown. I came home for Thanksgiving break and wanted to go over and check out his new place.  I went over one night just to play some video games and catch up with my homie.  By now, he had been living in this new place for about two weeks.  So, were hanging out playing some nba 2k and we hear a really loud pop.  It made us jump but for some reason we didnt think anything of it.  We both thought it must have just been something (firework or somebody was working on something).  Then seconds later we hear almost 5 more loud pops and a womans loud blood curtling scream and we instantly new it was gunfire.  My friend peeks out his front window and sees a lady running out of her suv with her two young kids.  My friend just briefly poked his head out to see what was going on and there was a bunch of commotion going on at the house right next door.  Once we realized it was gunshots and that somebody had been shot we immediately locked all the doors and called the police.  It seemed like it took forever for the police or anybody to arrived.  We had all these thoughts running through our head of maybe a killer running around his neighborhood.  After a few minutes out of curiosity we decided to go peak outside the front door for a second.  After further look there was a dead body up by the garage at the house next door.  Not even lying we both about shit our pants. Eventually a swat team came and there was this huge scene and they arrested a guy for murder at the house next door.  The story was all over the news and apparently the dude shot the other dude over some money bullshit.   Other scary moment:  My dad and I had a tripped plan to go flyfishing out in wyoming.  My dad was more excited about this than me because im not really into outdoor shit as much as he is.  My dads the type that always wants to go way off the beaten path and find places that nobody goes too.  On our first day out we decided to hike a short trail down to the river.  We were fishing for maybe 10 minutes and I made a comment that something smelled funny. Too make a long story short it ended up being a grizzly bear right down the river from us.  My heart really almost jumped out of my damn chest.  We both kinda fast paced walked up the trail and bounced out.

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[Image] ^ Supreme cats tee size L- $35 shipped Olive camels camp - $75 shipped obo (will be adding pictures in an hour or so) SOLD: Thrasher shirts SOLD:  Nike SB jersey SOLD: Supreme Supporter hat - No International shipping. - Paypal + 4%

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[Image] Selling a pair of Vans vault OG era aloha size 8.5.  Have been worn several times but are still basically brand new.   -BIN: $55 shipped plus paypal 4%

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Been looking for a green cairo hoodie from last f/w for awhile now. If anybody has one or even has a lead on someone who is selling one let me know.  Looking for a size large.

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[Image] Dont have any Supreme for sale at the moment so thought id list some misc. items. ^^^ First is a brand new with tags Vans Idylwild (vanosaur) snapback.  $20 shipped: Gift or you pay 4% SOLD: Diamond 5 panel

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