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New music after like what... YEARS? I've been fighting the crippling fear of FAILURE for a good while now. Just afraid to put out music. This self loathing has got to stop, fam. Anyway... I'm reaching happiness I've never known. Here is new music produced by yours truly. Listen and fuck with ya boy.

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Keira Knightley or Anne Hathaway straight up.

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Couple things... Personally, I can't fathom the idea of a soulmate. There are about 7 billion people on this earth and you won't even meet 10 percent of that. That to me seems to signify there is no such thing as a soul mate. You do have people you connect with almost immediately though.  Also, you're in your 20s. You haven't even finished getting your life together. Do you really wanna tie the knot when your personal life is in disarray? I say that because I'm in my 20s as well.  I was the guy you described in my last relationship. Truth be told... I needed her to break up with me because I was selfish and a jerk and all that. Now it may suck to have the love of my life gone, BUT I would've never taken a deep look at myself. I'm that much more of a better person  It's far as social media goes, it's just a bunch of people who cling to this idea of romantic comedy love. Unrealistic for sure. Relationships take hella work, b.

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[Quote] Can't lie... This shit crazy but I ain't judging.

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Im horrified dropped you that much money on a person you're not in a committed relationship with.  On the plus side, her parents must pay a lot.  Move on, stack that money, and let another shawty take her place.   Trust me.... You'll always lose money chasing women. You'll never lose women chasing money.

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[Quote] Type nigga who you better be friends with cuz he low key crazy as fuck.

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[Quote] I'm with this nigga. I don't have the time to judge anybody, but what's the appeal of paying women on cam?

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Leo DeCaprio, Will Smith, the Asian dude from The Hangover, or myself as VP smokeyface

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[Quote] The movie with Adam Sandler and one of the Wayans?

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[Quote] We got nothing in the works with adult swim, but we working. Trust.

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[Quote] Lmao. Shit. It's amazing how far one can change mentally in a year.

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On some real shit, if the opportunity to get some dome or ass is convenient and you on a dry spell, I say do it.  We've all had to bounce back at different intervals. However, if you have better alternatives. It mos def ain't worth it.  I will never knock a nigga for getting some "It's been a while" Pusey. It always seems to come around when a nigga need it lmao.

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