[Quote] i would really like to know where! and its a Christmas present for girlfriend not me. i might end up just sewing it together but i think that defeats the purpose and might look cheesy! I really cant find this anywhere! im going to the mall tmrw, maybe il have some luck there.

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im looking for a scarf with attached mittens on the end. just like this one. [Image] but i dont want to spend that much and i want diff colors. i cant seem to find anything like it any where. help is appreciated!

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people are always asking how to safely shrink clothes, well this is not that. this is how to UN-shrink your clothes! you need: vinegar sponge ziplock baggy 60-100% cotton garment first fill a cup full of vinegar then using the sponge blot the vinegar on the garment until it is completely wet with the vinegar. then fold it up and place it in a ziplock baggy. let it sit for about 30 minutes. then wash it on a regular cycle on HOT. it is important that it is set to hot. make sure you use detergent to get rid of the vinegar smell. then put it in the dryer, on normal cycle, and once again make sure the heat is set to HOT! then bingobango your shirt has grown at least 2 inches in every direction! and another tip is if you dont want to the collar to grow dont blot it with vinegar. this works because the vinegar reacts with the glucose in the cotton along with heat and expands the cotton fibers. the more you know!

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you better use that latex so you dont get that "i think im late text". i think lil wayne

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American apparel

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Most.pathetic.thread.ever i cant believe half the brands in here even got mentioned. wtf in. wearing fitted clothing wearing color pallets chords (FITTED) layers knowing and wearing colors that look good on you natural colors progression colors (silver gray purple navy ect.) out. (or fading) accessories (guys and girls) bulky shoes hella worn denim belt buckles (out for awhile now) socks (funny but true) m65 neon contrasting garments and remember whats all ways in is not following trends and rockin it with steeeez.

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[Quote] yeah i know right! i mean i though kanye was going in this hella diff direction and i wass like wtf this sounds nuthing like kanye. i even showed it to some people and they said it kinda sounded like kanye if he was trying to sound like a badass or something. i was just going with it becuase my itunes told me it was kanye. but watever it all makes so much more snese know. i was trippin for a bit ther.

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so someone was hosting this song as lave lock down on limewire. its toatally different but i like it. [URL]

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no, not altered. its differnt. different lyrics, differnt beat completly, and its featuring lady tron or it sounds like it.

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can someone explain to me why i have 2 very distinctly different versions of Love Lockdown by kanYe west.

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[Quote] never had a down jacket, and i sized down so its not gunna look as puffy. i think it wil look legit.

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Just pre-ordered. i was feeling the entire block release. [Image]

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i think freshjive had a childrens line

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[Quote] do you mean demographics?

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