I have a bunch of shoes listed on my ebay i update all the time check it out if you want. i have access to alot of shoes [URL]

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[Quote] Prestigious Atlanta has a bunch of g-shocks in including the in4mation glide g-shocks you better get there quick. they are located off of peachtree st and northave. on the left side under the windsor condos

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[Quote] then go get an education and stop worrying about bape..your gonna be like another bum on the street if you keep thinking bape is gonna get you somewhere. clothes aint gonna help youlater on.. get smart, get a job then look good

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[Quote] boutique type store... carries alot of brands like bbc, neighborhood, stussy, rogue status, visvim, and stuff of that nature

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doesn't matter im from there and its garbage

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they have alot of bbc right now i was there last week also had crooks and castle, nbhd, the hundreds, and some other stuff mentioned already

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straight garbage.. those are definatelly not neck breaking quality...

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here is some input to help out i dont want to be a jerk so ill tell you what i know and you can pm me later about it. as far as bapes. it really is almost impossible to get an account with them sense the fact that they only release a limited amount of shoes thus the high prices and only at their select bathing ape stores. so getting an account would be hard unless you own a store which is hard as well. the easiest thing to do is to buy and resale them but you can resale for alot over retail because people wont buy them. if thye knwo bapes they wont buy well over retail because they know they can get it for the same price over the internet. it would be alot easier to get account with nike reebok vans adidas etc... you can set up consignment with people and let them bring in there bapes to sell and you can charge them for it. other than that thats about the only way you will be able to have bapes in your store..... another thing is if you want to draw accounts for other shoe brands especially nike dont put bapes in there. nike doesn't like that and will not give you an account because of it. sell real stuff from the beginning if you sell fakes, nike adidas vans reebok will find out and you will lose your account and you will lose alot of customers. dont get in the business to make a killing. start a store because you love it. the number one thing i hate is going to boutiques and such and seeing shoes that go for 200 on the internet shipped and 300+ in the stores. thats your sure way of failure. start it out right and you will be happy in the longrun

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[URL] real airsta right there...the ones on ebay are fake.. 9.5 and look at the shoe it looks nasty

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sorry bbut im not feeling your shirts at all. seem to be a bunch of knock off of other brands.. footpatrol mask and eagles and such.. nothing special to me.. bape is atleast started a trend with the crazy camo... good luck with it though

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they have already released. i have people in houston that have them already for 120... and ive heard miami already has them for 150

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prestigious in atlanta is getting the whole line up..

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they look fake to me. the croc print looks to dull and it doesn't line up right in the back.. copyright on the bottom seems off and they are not recent pics of the shoes since he reuses the pics for his tiffs.. i would not buy

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the place sells BBC and the guy is not that nice at all. when i went their he had 2 pairs of shoes on the wall. they have a nike account now but still no heat. they just got some nikes in but no exclusive shoes..... sole munki and prestigious are the top stores in atl. sole munki has decent shoes and good customer service. perstigious has some major heat in their glass cases and alot of heat for sale as well. i copped hawaiis from them for 165 no bad at all for consignment. they have the clear fantastic four forces... some other nice places

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Prestigious in Atl sell the White Hoodies along with some of the shirts they also have Situation Normal Staples and well bred

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