Nice man, futura's the bomb. big ups for finding it.

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[Quote] i concur

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I watched that when it first aired on tv. No one was expecting it. It came out of nowhere and let me tell you Michael Jordan in his prime on steroids couldn't touch that.

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Agent Zero(Arenas) Kobe LeBron Garnett and Yao I never thought Yao was any good until this season but hes been ill as of late

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I thought that it was the funniest show ever until i saw the british version. It took me a while to understand what they were saying but once i got that down i was sold. They're both genius though, steve carrell rocks.

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Jesus is Magic No i'm not a religous nut. Its Sarah Silverman's Concert movie and its Hilarious. Her new show is off the chain funny too.

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Yo if you want to hear bad rap check out Ill Mitch. He's this guy from Russia who is trying to master the rap game but he still hasn't mastered the english language.

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It seems to me that too many brands are just living off their names. They make some good stuff, get popular and then just stop tryin.

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