iphone 5s fingerprint

So yesterday I bought the new 5s and while setting up the fingerprint it ran through my head that what if in some reality someone had similar prints and unlocked my phone and viewed all stuff.. so to fix it I used my penis instead of thumb to set it up. Anyone else have this idea or am I the first

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rapper with hardest voice

jk all i care about is how hard their wiener is

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FORTRADE: Bape x Undefeated, Bape x Kaws, Champion x Supreme, RSVP, etc

Waddup HB, I got some stuff for trade First off I have this 9\10 Large Supreme X Champion jacket. I want to trade this for the same jacket, either Large or Medium, and in maroon or black. [Image] looking for trades in other medium shirts or ill bundle for a hoodie. thanks hb hmu

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Purchased from the Bape online store. Retail was 450 Worn a few times, still looks new. Size M Looking for trades of equal value Size M maybe L [Image]

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Laptop Help

So long story short I spilled coffee on my keyboard and now some keys don't work. Is there any way to fix this myself or should I just pay for it to get repaired. And does anyone know if warranty will cover something like this.  I would be using question marks btw but that key is broken

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FT: Supreme, Bape, RSVP & Stussy (All large)

Hit me up with trades, sizes M-L  local meetups in MN or shipping  Supreme x Champion 8.5-9\10 condition [URL]

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Champs not allowing me to return new/ds shoes?? rant

Long story short, I had purchased thunder 4s from champs a week ago and their return policy allows returns up to 30 days after the purchase date. The shoes were already creased on the sides and toe box due to quality/people trying them on and were like that when purchased. I took them back to the store as they were to small for me and they wont take them back claiming I wore them. I really have no way to prove I didnt but that just pissed me off. im in the process of trying to sell them but id much rather just return them and get my money back for shoes that were already fucked up. /rant fuck you champs.

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Looking to trade my Large, Supreme Last supper sweatshirt in red. Its been worn/washed twice. 9/10 condition for slight fading on back print, no shrinking or any stains. I will trade for a Supreme camp cap in good condition plus 25$ cash or so depending on the camp. need this gone asap

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!!!!Supreme+Stussy+BBC Bundle 170$!!!!!!

Need some cash so I am selling these items AS A BUNDLE. 170$ Firm, need straight cash,concealed. Items: -BBC H&M Tshirt, B logo on front, mantra on back. -BBC Authentic Logo crewneck, dope as fuck, purple swag. -2 Stussy snapbacks, older but still in great condition. -Supreme Big Logo Beanie Click this thread to see the pictures I posted on another site. http://www.newschoolers.com/ns/forums/readthread/thread_id/711265/ I will ship when I get the money w/tracking. I need these sold ASAP. thanks HB

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Legit check, Box logo shirt. HELP

Bout to trade for this off another site, guy is legit just want to know if the shirt is too. [Image] Thanks

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Supreme backpacks

I was wondering if anyone on here could tell me the quality of the tree camo ones on their webstore. My diamond supply backpack was a piece of shit and the strap tore. I need a new one and wanna make sure its sturdy and big enough for textbooks and stuff thankss

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I have a BBC Crewneck (Large) I would trade for a funeral snapback hit me up pics in other thread

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Trades: Black Scale Funeral Snapback Supreme camp caps BBC Authentic Logo Crewneck, size LARGE. Dope crewneck, I just dont like purple. [Image]

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Confirmed scammer: William177

I was going to trade a BBC Crewneck, a couple snapbacks and a supreme beanie for his 5's. Long story short I messaged his "solecollector" account to confirm it was him on here, it wasnt. [Image] Turns out my thoughts were right and he was using the pictures from solecollector to scam on here. he named himself william177 to match the pictures tags. Just wanted to let people know on here to maybe avoid getting scammed by him.

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using parents credit card ?

Anyone ever bought anything with it and got away? and if so how much? my friends have butI'im skeptical whether they would notice. inb4 I'm 12, which I am not

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