I agree with what most of yall are saying.. I was a big Curren$y fan for a long while. I think This Aint No Mixtape, PT1, PT2, COVERT COUP was his best work... As of lately I havent been into his jams.. maybe 1 or 2 but i dont know just hasnt been the same Pilot Talk 3 needs to come out!!! OH yeahhh and How Fly 2 needs to be put out as well!! How Fly was crazy goood. every song on the mixtape was FKN GREAT!!

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What size are those APCs

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I wish the bud here in south texas was as good as some of those pics yall been posting.. DAMN I gottaaaa take a trip to SA to stock up on bud now that finals are over

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[Quote] LOL @ the gear

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[Image] Can someoe ID these shoes Efrons wearing in this pic.. They look like the vans authentics but are these the off whites? or are these even vans? help me out hb

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[Quote] yoo from down south of ATX.. that homegrown looks helllla nice! we should def meet up sometime (in a non creepy way) lol

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[Quote] Rastaclat

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[quote=JME3000;#post-3221465][Image] ID on both these shoes On the first pic, is efron wearin the true white leather or regulars? Is the black pair vans as well?

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