Polo Gap Nike Darwin lows. I remember everything.

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TO WORK. [Image]

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Stussy is in my top 3. Love the fit of it. Like someone already said, some designs suck some don't.

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120+ Most are doubles tho.

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Hows that jaw? tongueface

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When you get those wires out ya mouth. HOLLA @ Me. Round of Heinekens on me.

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if they are dancing for girls, I don't think thats gay. If its for guys...................

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Name: Jerry OCC: Pharmacy Student / Slave for the Sneaker Industry Hobbies: Looking at the Mirror, Music, Staring at the Wall Fv. Brand: NIKE

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SOLD OUT withing 30 minutes. Pays to be a local sometimes [Image]

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Street Fighter 2 Street Fighter 2 Turbo Mortal Combat 1 & 2

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Looks like you got some grillz in your mouth. J/P alex.

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Pretty neat. You gonna add any color to it?

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I work 5 days outta the week. I avg like 50 hours a week. My boss is very cool tho. If I feel like it I can leave early without anyones permission. I'm a student as well. I got like another 3 years till I get my Pharmacy degree. So during the semester I cut my hours down to about 30 or so. If I didn't work, I'D BE BORED OUTTA MY MIND. Not to mention the fact, that most of my friends work with me. It makes it that much more enjoyable. I know when I graduate I'll be paid so whatever I spend now doesn't really bother me. I work just to work.

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I buy my girl Diesels. She loves them. You just have to catch them when they are on sale.

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this thread is too funny

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