If you're just trying to knock up a good website, get a pre-made theme. much easier.

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Hey Guys, Just thought this place would be relevant to post a new project i'm building to help upcoming brands: [URL] Hope it helps someone!

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Check out www.hackneymanufacturing.com

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Hackney Manufacturing have started producing again btw ... www.hackneymanufacturing.com.

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What's everyone's thoughts on the streetwear x menswear merge? I came across a cool snapback which automatically made me think streetwear x menswear. After further reading I found out that this was the aim. I think it's important in the state of fashion, people will grow up so why not provide middle ground, a merger. "With two variants made in relation to the temperamental British weather, this is the first official release from the independent UK brand Hackney Supply Company. A very well crafted merge between the re-emerging streetwear culture and timeless menswear patterns and assembly. Available exclusively on The Hackney Project."  Here's the product I found. It's available to purchase at [URL] [Image]

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Yeah Merch Asylum is definitely the best. Hackneymanufacturing.com used to also be sick for Cut & Sew, but now they only do snapbacks.

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I had the same problem for months, while I was working with Jelly x Cream a UK brand. Check out hackneymanufacturing.com they do collabos with literally anybody. They work like the Starter Black Label, except not as esclusive and their snapbacks are sick! Square Brim (Nobody does em for some reason, but they do) and low profile just like Mitchell & Ness, email them for some pics and they'll send you some, it's kinda a back door thing ... but they're opening to the public. Or if you can try get in with Starter, the hats are the same quality but starter may also get the hat in some shops for you. Thank me later.

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