wore these once this last summer and now they just sit in my closet; i don't have the box though, couldn't fit in my luggage for uni. but yeah, BIN is 200 not interested in any trades. lmk if you need additional pictures. cheers [Image]

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dont really wear supreme anymore so getting rid of the last few things i have that have been in storage. 200 for the jacket it's an xl (hasn't been worn since 2011, wore a few times back then nothing wrong with it) SOLD for selassie (cracking on the shirt worn a few times, size L) SOLD (wore this a few times as well long time ago no cracking, size L) SOLD (not worn by me but from someone else i bought it from, slight cracking and minimal fading. pretty old shirt so yeah) prices do not include shipping hmu [Image]

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I really don't know what genre all this shit fits into but this is all I've been playing for the past 6 months really. Anyone have any other good stuff along the lines of these artists? [Embed content] Evian Christ And I have a lot of other shit too but there's just a few. Definitely hip hop influences in all of these, anyone have any other similar artists?

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WE TRIPPY MANE, Blue Dream and Lean dropped today http://www.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/15290/juicy_j_blue_dream_lean.html still one of my favorite songs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGEiBOTITjQ

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grey, large. never worn by me only tried on. 125 shipped in the us, us only [Image]

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65 shipped USA only. bought online, worn once [Image]

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My big homie Keliah is dropping his mixtape later this month and here's a couple tracks he gave me. This nikka can fucking flow so give it a listen and let me know what you think. This is the first shit he's really recorded but you can tell he really has talent History in the Making [URL]

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Kid from my dorm freaks out at 1 am because the other residents (about 10 other people) were drunk as shit in the lounge past three days and he evidently could not take it anymore. Told them ♥♥♥♥♥s to shutup and simmer down until one of the drunk residents told him to get his ass back in bed. I only was able to video when the security guard took him outside. Cops eventually came. Punched some walls and shit, funny ass night. Excuse my side commentary I was half asleep and high. Used my iphone so quality sucks [URL]

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Paypal. Size 11.5. 80$ [Image]

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Worn 2 times lightly. No flaws. Sorry for shitty iPhone pictures. XL. 160$ shipped. PM with any questions [Image]

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I fuck with this group they make some dope shit. Weird combination but I find myself only listening to them and OddFuture right now blushing [URL]

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[URL] smokeyface

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I accept: -Paypal and paypal only. Must either put money as 'Gift' or add 4.5% to the total to pay for PayPal fees. I ship with: -USPS with tracking PM me for more pictures or any questions/concerns or email me at [email]jeradmccann@live.com[/email] I've worn these one time for 20 mins, to small for me that's why i'm selling. $50 [Image]

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I've done some business with a couple people on here. Please tell me how everything went! smokeyface

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