got my $50 box today, was worth the price for sure. here's the pics (using links in case you guys don't want to ruin the surprise) clothes and a pin (hat not included) not sure if i can rock the OG tenderloin shirt though, but i might be moving there soon...

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[Quote]yeah they're legit, just picked up a coach jacket from them and i've bought stuff from them before. i got a confirmation email after i ordered, so you might want to email them. FYI they did send another email saying that they won't be getting their stock until monday. hope that helps.

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Thanks stryk, yeah the gold SCVLE ring can be found online, but do you know if there's a black/gunmetal version that exists?

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Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a few Black Scale things: The Rebel Flag Patch - The one on this page: Haven't heard much talk about these but let me know if you're willing to part it, I'll pay good money for it. Two Finger Logo Rings - Looking for 1 of each of the two finger rings: the one that says "BLVCK" and the one that says "SCVLE". Preferably both gunmetal color but not sure if there's one in that color for "SCVLE". Funeral Snapbacks - Either one, the prices are pretty ridiculous these days but willing to buy one if it's a reasonable offer PM me your prices with shipping (I live in LA) and feel free to send me other offers on Black Scale stuff, may be willing to buy other hats (Silence, size 7 1/2 fitteds), and older lightly used tees/sweaters (size Medium). Thanks!

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sent you a PM

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