[Quote]Dayum are you bagged or static? Any plans for any lip kit, like junction produce or anything. I love the lexus ls, but cant seem to get myself to build one becuase I feel like I might get bored of auto. But I really like this set up.

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[Quote]This. That is the reason I stopped smoking because I kept on over thinking  everything. I also tend to not give a shit about what other people say, like when I meet strangers but even also when I'm with my friends, I tend to only care about what I think. Instead of relaxing, I end up getting mad and depressed. So I ended up smoking stoges, I know its bad, but I hate the feeling of being high for that reason, but like the feeling of stoges. Everything that GSA190 I feel also. Anyone else like this? If not, I guess I'm just weird as fuck.LOL

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[Quote]Easy to say something like that, than to actually do it. ahaha

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Having no VTEC does not mean you are rice. I feel that it is how you make it look. Like theaznhawk said, those things are rice, but other shit can make it look rice also, and how other shit can look jdm. I feel that you don't need top of the line shit to make your car look nice, but its how shit is done. Alot of nice cars I've seen have some shit parts on them, but it looks good.

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bruh please just stop, you are embarrassing the raise of Filipinos. People already dislike them here, threads like this are gonna make it worse. You do know that there are other raises on HB, and why the fuck would they care about some pinoy rap shit when they won't be able to fucking understand it. Btw this is not the fucking music thread, why don't you fucking look first before posting this shit and make another dumb ass thread. If your thread got deleted its basically telling you to not make another one. Especially one like this, stop with these fob ass threads. Thank Yo

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