One thing I hate about uniqlo is the jill sander collection...defiantly not for the xl/xxl guys tongueface but other then that the other stuff is cool lol

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apple online store have got some nice ones if your willing to pay a bit of money, but if you wanna pay under a fiver better off checking out your local market stalls, can get a discount if your haggling skills are good too ha

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If I'm in Selfridges (ldn) uniqlo is the last thing on my mind oxford street's got like three stores already not including the sales point in selfridges too lol

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Plan, plan and then plan some more my dude and make sure your involved for the right reasons, do you want to just own your own store because it's cool or do want to MAKE profit? before you even get accounts you need to define what type of store it would be, small and local outside of london or slap bang in the middle of central as 'THE' xclusive spot to go to...are you going to have a lot of people traffic or will you rely on the web as your main source of income. Just sneakers or apparel too...really define your store and its target market because any label worth its weight in salt will want to know these things. Then [B]just email people until you get to the right person[/B], but when you do make sure your plans so tight it ends up being their loss if their not involved with you store..... good luck!

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about time lol

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Yh I recently regged there too and had the same problem wait a day or two then go to the forgot password screen enter your email address and you should be sent your login details...if not I guess you just weren't invited to the party :D hope that helps

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im still feeling gshocks, never felt to buy one though.....get yourself a toywatch until u find that gshock, those are nice at the moment

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niketown is definately your best bet....just go straight to the basketball section, they also have loads of jordan themed clothing you wont find in any other stores

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WEst London represent!! [Quote] For jpnse magazines & books check out the japan store in picadilly circus

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