[Quote] that's the point.

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paypal has a weird buyer protection and in some cases even more weird and malicious for sellers. but no matter what there are not many alternatives right now. maybe e-gold or google checkout but nobody uses them.

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+41 air max were really dope and i would even throw the puma yo mtvs in here

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not a big drama but wouldn't cop

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would be funny if fakes would have a better quality than originals one day

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nike and other brands do care about sneakerheads A LOT! why? because they are the premium segment of buyers. They are not the people who just buy shoes because they need some they buy on a regular basis, care about the brand (brand evangelists) and tell others about it (viral marketing effect). An example from a different industry how big companies try to target this customer segment: Apple has such customers in the computer market and just to access this segment Dell bought the high end PC company Alienware. Do you own other stuff than nike sneakers? I guess so. Besides sneakers cross sales of other products benefit them as well plus the sneaker culture is growing and this is not just here online or whatever it is because more people look for individual ways to express themselves (or at least they want the feeling to have that). In times when the Internet cuts down local borders and puts all sorts of products one mouseclick away companies have to adjust to the "long tail" theory (google for it if you want more info) which basically means that in the future a company that sells a lot of individual products produced in low quantities will sell more than a company that sells a few individual products produced in a high quantity. (I'm German so maybe this explanation is a bit fucked)

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[Quote] those are fire!

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Yo check my site sneaker-websites.com if you want to release the stats.

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my next car gotta be a toyota now... not

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Insa is amazing. Really outstanding all over patterns.

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