yeah thats cool! I just found out about the stussy shop opening up when i stopped by the undftd store yesterday. It should be hot this friday.

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wow, I thought the Blazers had potential this season, but when I saw them let Lebron just stroll in the lane to win it in the last seconds... it gave me some real doubts about their youth and their knowledge of how to win tough games.

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so how did you guys like Lebron's performance against the Lakers? Not only did he drop 41, but he did a brilliant job guarding Kobe during crunch time. I think Kobe was only 1-7 from the field with Lebron on him.

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Yes the Hornets are for real, Chris Paul should be 2nd in the MVP votes right behind Lebron. With Peja hittin shots from the outside and chandler bangin in the low post CP has got options upon otions to pass... oh and the kid can score. Shoot if the Hornets win the west I wouldn't bet against Paul for 1st in the MVP votes.

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I can't wait for Sunday, Lakers vs Cavs! The cavs are on a tear right now and the clear choice for MVP Lebron is making it happen. I know Bynum is out, but even with out him the supporting casts are about equal. The cavs are a horrible team minus Lebron, but he makes those guys so much better. As much as I hate to admit it, Kobe is also making his teammates much better for the first time in his career I think Lebron did do some damage against the wizards, I mean 23 8 8 is a good day for any player in the league.

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anything droppin on the 1st or even a lil after?

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Don't forget, Brock Lesnar used to be a REALLY good collegiate wrestler before he joined the WWE. Plus the guy has been training towards a career in MMA for well over a year now. I think he does need to lose some muscle though because he will need some flexibility in MMA. I wouldn't doubt if he won in his first match, plus his stint in the WWE prolly increased his tolerance for pain.

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I took the sticker off all my hats except for one, I don't know why though.

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Red & Mef

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I wasn't gona really watch Transformers, but then I watched the trailer and the kid from the movie "Holes" is in it so I might watch when it comes out. I know how to pronounce the kids name I just don't wanna attempt to spell it. I'll def watch fantastic 4 when I get a chance

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miracle whip is so nasty, its all about the white boy staple... MAYO!

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I think Champ Bailey is as close to Deion as there is. The only reason I don't say Champ is as good as Deion is because Deion was a big threat on special teams, but Champ can tackle better then most CBs in the league and we all know Deion didn't tackle at all. I can't belive someone actually said Portis is better then Champ, you really can't compare the two positions, but if you took 100 knowledgable, non-biased football fans I can pretty much guarantee 95 of them would pick Champ Bailey to start a team over Portis.

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I really don't think the loss was that bad, I mean the result was pretty simple. When the spurs closed on Lebron he dished out and the cav shooters missed. When TP and Ginobli drove the cavs closed, but the spurs shooters made open shots. I didn't believe that the Cavs would be that intimidated, but if you look at how confused and scared the Cavs defense was, you def could say I was wrong. All in all though, besides the 3rd quarter the Cavs played very decent. If they can figure out how to keep it close in the 3rd then they win. I mean the Spurs played a REALLY good game on both sides of the ball, the Cavs played really good D for 3 quarters and good offense for about a quarter and a half and lost by 9. 9 is a pretty decent sized margin, but if you actually watch the game you woulda thought the Spurs were gonna win by 20.

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Cyclops marvel bapes, I so wish I woulda copped those when I had the chance. I don't even wear the bapes I copped the day those came out, actually I don't wear Bape at all anymore, but I could def tell you that I would still roc the cyclops' though if I had them.

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