Hey guys, not sure of this is the right spot to post this, but we are working on a fashion podcast for our blog we do have a lot of cool guests who will be on there monthly, so if you guys are looking for something cool to listen to subscribe! Thanks!  [Embed content]

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it's not letting me post images, or anything, here's the link to my brand Anatra.  http://anatraco.com/ http://AnatraChicago.com

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Hey, so I'm wondering if any clothing brands or fashion blogs with a lot of followers on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook wanna do a promo team. I used to run hip hop blogs, and it helped grow our blogs real quick, the thing is we must all have a good amount of traffic, followers and stuff. So if anyone's interested message me! I think if we get no more than 10 we should be good any more than that would just be too much! my email is info@anatrachicago.com

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Hey guys, I just applied for Karmaloop Kazbah, and I tried getting in contact with them to see what is required to be on Kazbah but they never replied, they only replied to my submission that they got it and will let me know in a week or two if we're accepted, I was wondering if just a few shirts, hoodies and accessories is good enough. Or if they're looking for something that's already making a buzz. Also anyone's brand on Karmaloop/Kazbah? I'd like to know more about how much it helped your brand get out and all that stuff.

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Hey, what's up. I'm looking for some tips on marketing a brand, I don't know if we can post our brand on here, but I got a few t-shirts and sunglasses designed and made by a well known designer, we're also bringing out a ton of cool accessories wallets, backpacks, and more made by really good manufacturers.  The thing is we're barely launching new products. everyone says they love the brand based on our logo and name, and we already grew our social media following to 5k+ on instagram and 25k+ on twitter no bots! We're launching new stuff Monday and we already have our online store/blog and stuff. I'm wondering what are good ways to get people wanting a new brand and good ways to market a clothing line.  Thanks.

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[Quote]Awesome, the site really helped I found a few good places to help me out! Thanks!

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Anyone know where to find clothing manufacturers, I'm trying to do more than just graphic tee's and can't seem to find any places online to make/design clothing. I found Alibaba but their stuff isn't that great.. I'm trying to find some place that will brand shirts and stuff like that. If anyone can help. Also if anyone knows where to find an all over print shirt online designing place. Most places just do the middle section and not the whole shirt. I found one, but they want $70 per t shirt.   Thanks.

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Awesome post!

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