Why is Jay Rock in Black Hippy?

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Why do girls love beards so much? What is the appeal? I mean that primal look really gets chicks horny, but I'm still in that 5'o clock shadow phase. pic for references [Image]

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Y'all ain't even on it yet, it's okay [Image]

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[Embed content] Dude is slept on for real

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I got into a discussion with some dude on here (I think it was Waffles) about what WTT meant for young black people. I said it was a half assed album that didn't mean shit, and he argued it was representative of black excellence and uplifting. Dude, I get it now. I actually fucking get it. It came to me when I was listening to "gotta have it."

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[Embed content]



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Has 1,000,000+ followers on Twitter. I don't even wanna know who follows this guy. [Image]

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[Image] All of these albums were 10/10 and no band is as consistent. I dare you to name a better band. Oh, you can't? You listen to too much hip hop? You lack musical diversity? You think Snapbacks are cool?

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Is complete bullshit and a cop out. Here's how you dudes use the "better artist" argument: Me: Well, X can sing better than Y You: But Y is the better artist or Me: X has better lyricism You: Y doesn't have to have intricate lyricism, he's the better artist It seems as if you're acknowledging your favorite "artist" is inferior to who he/she is being compared to and so you move away from arguable things like talent. But what really makes someone the better artist? Why is artistry revered more than actual skill on this board? If I'm listening to an R&B SINGER, I want him/her to be one of the best SINGERS. Being the better "artist" means to me they are more marketable or accessible to a bigger audience. And who cares about that if you're not a label executive?

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Debut track from your boy. &) [youtube]o2MIOPpRg7o[/youtube]

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Fucking rappers always rapping about God and some bullshit. I just wanna hear about money, hoes, cars and clothes with the occasional socioeconomic issue thrown in there to make me feel socially aware.

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[youtube]ISAyHKz_BBg[/youtube] [youtube]p873ZlfEMQQ[/youtube] [youtube]GAq39dJOOpw[/youtube]

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