Bonnaroo 2011 tickets!

I can't go to Bonnaroo this year, but I have [B]one ticket left. i will sell it to you for $100, depending on s/h[/B]

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Avatar: The Legend Of Korra

[URL] aaaawwwwwwwww shiiiiiettt

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Happy Birthday, Bob Marley

More than a man

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Hanna (2011)

[URL] Damn, I think this movie looks sick. Solid cast, intense looking action. Like a movie about Hit-Girl. What yall think?

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Who are some dope singers (any genre) that yall like? Put me on some good stuff. Some of my fav singers: Anthony Green [URL] Post up some songs/albums with good singing; or just good singers

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Fast and the Furious 5

[URL] Trailer looks dope

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Official Discussion Thread

Skyrim, up in this bitch. [URL] [Quote]

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soldiers of jah army. holdin it down for northern va/DC. words like "appreciation" and "love" are an understatement; these guys have changed my life. i love reggae but there's something about SOJA that......shit idk!!! [URL] <3

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Jay Kin - Sneakers x Video Games

my dude jay kin holdin it down in vancity; dooope stuff so check it out: [URL]

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Maybe some SPLICE shit irl

[URL] Oh shit; been going on for years

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Are fuckin back, and I am stoked. Does anyone dig the original? Article: [URL]

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My documentary

I tried finding the documentary thread but couldn't, so fuck it. This film my friend and I (J. Dunn) made is about the hip hop culture in the DMV area. We're gonna be making an hour+ version soon. So yeah I know it needs some work, but tell me what you think and what I could do to fix it. Hope this enlightens yall. [URL]

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Pleeeeaaaaase Help me

What up fam? Happy Black Friday; hope your Thanksgiving was great. I haven't been on here in a loooooonnnnng ass time, but I am calling upon you all because I am in dire need of help. I need to get THIS essay, but I'm not about to pay 36 dolla for it. Do any of you know a way to get that essay for free? I COULD write an essay, but i'm not in the class. It's for a friend. I need it ASAP though. I will paypal you 10 dollars and deepthroat you. Thanks dudes God bless. Here's the essay link: [URL]

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how are u guys today

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[URL] movie looks cool to me. it's got willem dafoe so that's a plus.

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