hot sh*t. i gained a lot of respect for this clothing line. keep it up. i think it has to be one of the hottest (if not the hottest) stuff for girls out right now.

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ayyoooo B!!!!! =)

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i have a womens medium in the kid robot head hoodie(pinkblackwhite) from their second launch in 06. if anyone is interested.

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Mega, the line is ILL. Diamond collab is hard.

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Yo I haven't up on this in minute... I'm probably a bit late but eh.. Mega, I'd like to congratulate you on finally getting out there and expressing what you have to say through your line. I remember when I use to go to the store a lot you did mention that you were working real hard to come out with a line. I thought that 'Super Steezy' was the line you've been working on, but aside from the 'super steezy' shirt that came out as the first 'chapter', is there a conjunction with Super Steezy and this line? It's just nice to see that you support your line by replying to messages that might be unclear to some. I have had mad respect for you since day one, and do wish you the best of luck. I wish to drop by the store to say hi old times, but I just moved to socal. miss ya! -Jeri (Ya, I'm a girl)

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MAMA! much love. hats are gorgeous

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pretty clean.

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cant say much... but then again... if you wanted it that bad you would've arrived before they showed up... right?

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ay, are you guys talking about that lumberjack/gingham print? go to costco. i was just there and they had the lumberjack/gingham print in a button up. colors: red/blk, green/blk, and blue/blk. looks pretty warm. and only $12.99 in m-2xl wish they had a small

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don't forget True East (walnut creek, ca)

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they have a shitload of jeans on sale at urbanoutfitters right now. i just bought some levis (retail: $100ish) on sale for $15. and some others that are just too ridiculously low to pass up. i suggest going to your nearest urbanoutfitter to get the lowest deal possible. one of the jeans i bought at the store were on sale for $69 but i walked out with them for $30 (retail $110) go figure. goodluck

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hold on... that shirt was for that party!? i was sooooo close to going. i seen it on the bbs myspace profile and they didn't really point out where that shirt was comming from. i seen mega putting the mens shirts in the bags on friday--no wonder i didn't see any womens tees. =( i need. please.

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to the author of this thread: i'm with you. he never caught my "ear"

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