Been dating the same girl for 3 and a half years. Basically moved in with her. Live at her house 4 days out of the week. I would consider us "in love", I suppose. Well, a few weeks back, she got hammered with some of her acquaintances and ended up getting fucked by two dudes. I found out recently and as of right now I am not speaking to her, since she is a skank-ass bitch. However, I feel remorse for her as well. I am absolutely disgusted with her, as are all of my friends, but I feel bad for her since she has no close friends. I have decided to give it a few days before I decide anything for sure. Thoughts? Should I kick her ass to the curb or give her another chance?

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Just DMB and KOL. And Bonnaroo has latenights. The Flaming Lips doing Dark Side of the Moon at 1AM is going to be tits, especially if I can find my girls Molly and Lucy.

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I wish I could go to Coachella. Being located in Ohio means it is Bonnaroo for me. For the fifth time.

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So, if I am a 33 in Levi's 514s and a 32 in Levi's 520s, I should size down one and get these in a 32? I'm gonna be hitting up Barney's co-op for some big sale and want to know for sure before I drop 100 on a pair of pants that may stretch to the point of being unreasonably large.

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I just bought a pair of Nudie Slim Jims in raw indigo. Will they stretch out at all? They are a bit tight right now in the waist, calves, and balls.

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M83 is good dreamy French music, but definitely not the electro-house you are looking for. MSTRKRFT, Simian Mobile Disco, The Presets, Cut COpy, etc. Give those a try.

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[URL] Haha.

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They should just decriminalize it, therefore reducing stresses on our prison systems. Decriminalized marijuana would then cause taxes to decrease, as you wouldn't have as many harmless crimes criminals housed in the prison systems. Seriously, I would MUCH rather smoke than drink, as drinking leaves me with a shitty hangover the next day. I can smoke it up and wake up the next day feeling like a million dollars.

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[Quote] Nonsense, because then the government could stop lying about marijuana being such a dangerous substance. Once people do experiment with marijuana, they realize the government was full of it, leading them to probably experiment with even harsher substances. If marijuana was legal, they could restructure the war on drugs, and focus on so called "hard drugs", getting them under control.

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Selling your shoes after you wear them a bunch of times is dumb. I think I am going to cut them.

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If I cut the elastic stuff out of my SB dunk lows will they fit better? They are just a bit too snug.

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So, if I want a pair of APCs to fit like a pair of Levis 520s, do I go with New Cures and just wait till my thighs and other parts make everything up top bigger? I am so interested in getting a pair of APCs but do not want to spend 155 dollars on something that will be too baggy and shitty to wear in like 2 months.

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