I can't post in arts thread?

When I try to post my pictures it doesn't show up! Help!

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Best Advice You Never Got?

I would love for someone to read this thread someday and learn a thing or two. So just post some advice you wish you got earlier in life. Me I'd say -Be yourself -Bad things happen to all of us, persevere.

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Second skate video.

[URL] Made a little teaser with my friend. Feedback? tips?

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First Skate Video with D3100

The first video i filmed & edited with my d3100 blushing [URL] Any feedback? tips? thanks!

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Best Editor For .Mov Files?

So I have a d3100 and I love the videos and whatnot but I don't know what to edit it with? I'm on a PC by the way. Any help is appreciated thanks!

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Help buying new gear?!

Hey guys hows it going? so I got 2 bills to spend on my Nikon D3100 I was either going to spend it on 55-200 4-5.6 or A back up battery, with a shutter release for those long exposures or SB-400 and a back up battery I mainly shoot portraits and landscapes but I also like experimenting with long exposo's and I already got a good portrait lens (35mm 1.8g) any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Any guitar players out there?

[URL] I'm trying to learn this song, and on ultimate guitar the tabs say to go to the E cord after the A chord, this guy doesn't go to the A chord he goes to something else, whats that chord? any help is appreciated thanks

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Sociology Major?

is anyone out there a sociology major? or has taken a class? College major advice? thanks.

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Who wears imaginary foundation?

I saw a picture of this celebrity wearing if, anyone know who?

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Your opinion on them?

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My Latest Photos

How do you like them? I developed and printed them myself. Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks! [URL]

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Do I look like Dr.Dog?

[Image] hahaha yes that really is me

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Photo Critique

Yea i'm a a new at this, tell me what you think? I shoot with a Minolta Maxxum Gt Thanks! [URL]

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what do you wear with an oakland a's hat?

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So Who Else Be Rockin?

Baseball Tees <3

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