i forgot my login and password... forgot my email too. i made this account in 09 so ya. but i can't message you guys or go on the shout box. only way I'm on rn is cuz my account auto login the computer. can u guys help me out or nah

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i got off work today round 8 so my boy came and picked me up. we stopped at the grocery store to grab some bbq sauce for dinner. i give him my card to go in. then while I'm outside the car having a smoke a lady probably in her 40s comes up to me with her kid asking if i had 2.50 for milk (its about 5 bucks for a 4L). i said nah i just gave my debt card to my boy but when he comes out ill have him go back and grab it. Then she starts telling me how her and her son (who's in the 5th grade) have been out here for hours asking for 2 bucks to grab milk. Complaining about the church not paying for her groceries etc. I'm chilling talking to them whatever and then i look at the kid closely and he gotta black eye. i'm kinda heated at this point but i didn't wanna go in on the mom in front of the kid. I could tell he was already embarrassed enough that his mom was dragging him around to beg for change. Anyways i paid for her milk and gave her the 2 bucks she had gave me back. I understand times are rough but this really pissed me off. What would u guys have done in this situation?

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Do you think you're shown the truth through mainstream media? Do you believe the shootings, missing planes and coverage on wars going on overseas? Do you believe the youtube conspiracy theorists and the idea of crisis actors? interested in your guys opinions.

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for real this how i feel rite now. when i die i don't want u to love my posts. love my posts now. [Embed content]

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Like to what extent? Who specifically?

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If so what was it? where was it? what year was it in? and whats your real name? just checking if ure about that life

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Rhinestones on clothes = 10x the swag of normal clothes? Might get my box logo ICED out

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ok so ima drop 2 fire bars or less then next commentor goes and rhymes it with my fire barzĀ  I dont fuck with no hoes i only fuck with my bros hb is all i know I've got coke up my nose *explosion sound effect*

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But there's a stipulationĀ  edit removing the terrible in bed option. u can't use it

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One day I wish my eyes don't have to be closed to see everyone downtown with their frowns turned upside down. Thanks to james jebbia creating box logos for everyone, in the world. An unlimited supply of bogos. There would be no more war, inflation, hatred or black people. A world where I walk down the street to see men and women young and old wearing the finest of supreme silks on their back. Where swagless and swagful hug so tight that their box logos touch. This is the America I dream of not for myself but for the children... Thank you. [Image]

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[Embed content]

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Anyone else ever think its bit ridiculous how when black in america especially you're referred to as African America even though you were born in America. However A white person who was also born in America isn't considered English-American, French-American etc etc they're just considered American? Anyone else notice this. Fuck america tho deadass thank god I'm canadian lol

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Any of you broke boys invest ur money to bcome rich boyz? How should I invest 5000

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I know this guy has to be from hb http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhZh6UN8VJ0cEM2gkE

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