thats shin lol wtf

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The same niggas that dressed like fuckboys in 2014 still dress like fuckboys in 2015

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wreck her life, bro. DO IT

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[Quote]lol sumtimes i wonder the type of bitches i could bag if i was single. hella fine bitches on tinder in vancouver

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[Quote]U r not fooling anyone and nobody gonna click ur link. who says they play "SonyPlaystation" all the time. you lying bastard

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i don't see a problem with this. i just turned 34 last weekend and i have no plans on moving out of my parents house.

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Feel like there's a high chance of breaking a window and your whole plan backfiring

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The dick/paper one up this is vicious. i couldn't even quote it. [Embed content]

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niggas get stabbed everyday b

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i forgot my login and password... forgot my email too. i made this account in 09 so ya. but i can't message you guys or go on the shout box. only way I'm on rn is cuz my account auto login the computer. can u guys help me out or nah

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basically my whole true religion collection including that jean jacket chief keef wore in the love no thottie music video. but u nikkaz into gay shit so ima choose not to post my fire 2day

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its a war going on... this man was crazy but do you really have to be crazy to kill someone? people are killed in war everyday because of the uniforms they wear. These two cops were casualties and it wasn't their fault personally. If anything ti was their chief's fault for allowing their public perception to become this poor. As a leader you cannot condone a murder of the civilians you're supposed to protect. of course eventually there will be retaliation.

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cigarettes, true religion, wendys

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ben baller such a wannabe LOL fucking hate him try hard to the max

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Eminem is like Pharrell in 2014. He didn't conform to the lame pile of shit that rap has become. But pharrell is way more pop than eminem could ever be. That's why Em is "trash" now and pharrell is hotter than ever. This is a dope project in my opinion. Em is going hard with some good lyrics. He isn't spitting any deep shit but he's spitting some smart bars.

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