C'mon b, someone posted a fb link of that asian kid a while back claiming it was him but it obviously wasn't. Dstyles was just playing along.

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Raise your hand and ask "como se dice 'I want to see gas' en espanol".

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RIP [Image]

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It could have been worse. If you were also an in-the-dark shitter you could have sat on his lap. #nosuss

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The irony of an Italian talking about Nazis... [Image]

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[Quote] Hulk could take out everyone up to and including Frieza. Past that, I don't know. You guys are forgetting that Goku has ridiculous martial art skills and Superman does not.

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I just caught her interview last night on CNN. American Airlines surprised her with an all expense paid vacation to Disneyland for her and nine other people.

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Lol'd at foodbeast. Disappointed they don't have a forum with corresponding members. I was hoping to see a James DeliMeats or James TunaFishSandwich.

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In regards to the thread on Jacob...he's a 24 year old man who flew across the country to visit a 17 year old girl he met online... He pretty much deserved what was coming to him.

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[Quote] fixed

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Shame on you, Jacob.

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If I could explain to the kid why I was punching him in the face then probably the kid. If it was just a random act of violence, then the dog.

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I hope she has a nickname she goes by. I can't imagine dating a girl named Tallulah.

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