Does anyone know of Tier 0 New Balance, Stores in NYC?????Please Help!!!

Started by New Balance in NYC,Please Help!!!, 2 Weeks ago in United States

Urban Outfitters will be opening a store in Vancouver in Feb 2007.

Started by Urban Outfitters in Vancouver, 2 Weeks ago in Canada

The puma store opened today.and yes they do carry the Puma X Evisu jeans.

Started by Puma now open in MTL, 2 Weeks ago in Canada

Where can I get hot NBs in NYC ?except for ARC and Flight Club.

Started by NB in NYC ?, 2 Weeks ago in Brands

Reebok and Urban Outfitters are collaborating on a reebok ventillator,the shoe is bright neon yellow and red with a dash of 3m for those of use who like the night life.their will be only 500 pairs at select Urban stores and possibly Reebok Tier 0 stores such as ARC.look for it in March 2007. Sorry Ive got a photo on myspace but icant figure out how to link it,if you know Ace from Goodfoot,Im one of his friends, you can spot the neon reebok from a mile away.

Started by reebok X urban outfitters, 2 Weeks ago in Canada

I'm going to T.O. for the weekend and I need help.Where can i get HOT!! New Balance IN T.O.

Started by Help! NB's in T.O.?, 2 Weeks ago in Canada

The rumours are confirmed ,Goodfoot has been awarded Canada's only tier 0 Nike account,first shoe up will be the Stussy court force low.Hang on to your wallets gentlemen we're in for a rough ride.

Started by Goodfoot Tier 0, 2 Weeks ago in Canada

Off the Hook just got a new shipment of 10 deep tees,all over knives in black and yellow,problem solver in green,the Biggie tee,and 2 or 3 others.and some new tees for the lady in your life.act fast.

Started by New 10 DEEP in Mtl, 2 Weeks ago in Canada

Puma sore opening in mtl.on St Cath. across from Ogilvys,its still under constuction.

Started by Puma store in MTL, 2 Weeks ago in Canada