Sup fam.  Trying to let go a few pieces.  Offer up, YOU know how these go for. Serious buyers only, PM me for serious inquiries and if you're interested, I will send you tagged photos through them. Look through my topics and find my rep thread, I am legit and honest.  Supreme vans authentics - sz 9 og everything d/s Ewing hi black leathers - sz 9 og everything vnds wore twice Ewing hi red suede - sz 9.5 og everything d/s BUTTERY Ewing hi georgetown(navy/gray) - sz 9.5 og everything d/s

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Trying to start some official shit because it's good to hear personal sizing differences in brands instead of some generic size chart. List out information about your foot and different shoes with sizes and how it fits. Length: 26.7 ~ 27.1 cm  Width: Medium-Wide  Air Jordan 5: SZ 8.5 US Air Jordan 8: SZ 9 US Vans Authentics: SZ 9 US Ewing 33 Hi: SZ 9 US Air Max 90: SZ 9 US Timberland: SZ 8 US  Nike Flyknit Lunar+1: SZ 9 US

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Huge debate with friends today during a car ride. my argument was that nightclubs are singles environments and people go there to hook up. Someone else, notably a girl, said otherwise. Then i was talking about how alcohol really suppresses the "moral" motives and that people hook-up regardless. I said this mostly because i've hooked up with a girl who told me she had a boyfriend afterwards but i know that this has happened to other people too. I just dont buy it that girls go to nightclub JUST to dance with friends and get wasted lol. thoughts?

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Any good brands that have good quality parkas? Need some for winter and shits.

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Hows the sizing on Sebagos compared to sperrys? I've been looking at the Ronnie Fieg collab for a long time and I'm tryna cop a pair now. Interested in the lighthouse boots (seneca) and i'm not sure on what size to get them in. I wear 10/10.5 in Nike's (sb/dunks/air max/etc), 9.5 for chucks, and 9 for sperry boat shoes (no socks, snug fit). Still contemplating on what size to get to get that snug feet. I'm stuck between 9 and 9.5 or maybe even a 10. I'll be wearing socks with these but i need to know how the sizes compare to sperrys. Thanks in advance

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I recently bought a Sony VAIO laptop and it is starting to crash on me. The problem isn't bothersome as it only happens on specific occasion, but I really need to find out why. After about two weeks of owning my laptop, I started hearing some clicking noises on the right side of the laptop. I confronted this with Sony technicians and I've been told that it is my hard drive disk failing. I checked my hard drive if there were any problems with a "Hard Drive Disk test" and nothing came up. I recovered my laptop back to it's factory settings and the clicking noises continued. After two more weeks, I found that my computer crashes. I would have to be running on the computer battery/not attached to the AC adapter, and I would have to be watching a YouTube video/listening to music when it happens. My computer screen will turn to black and it will restart. Upon restart, I will get a Windows message about the problem saying it's a blue screen of death. What the hell do I do

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Need a good, durable backpack that has a nice laptop sleeve. Any brand suggestions?

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Took me two to think of how gay it looks

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Need some suggestions cause I need to diversify my steez, ya know?

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So how long do PayPal disputes usually take? I've recently bought a pair of shoes for $120 from a guy with over 250 positive feedback. Who would have known that they were fake? I complained and he said they were authentic (when they were not, it was a good fake though) and said that he would refund me if he took out his shipping charges and if I shipped it to an address across the country from him. Not to mention that I was to ship first. Had to open a dispute through the phone and they totally understood and had everything under control. Listed a claim on imitation and the seller responded very quickly. Now it's my turn to ship (which I will in about 12 hours) and respond so how long will it take for me to get my money after I return the item to the seller? And is it guaranteed that I will receive my refund? I'm worried that the seller might lie and say that he didn't receive the package. And in addition, if I payed via credit card through PayPal, will the refund go straight to the credit card (so not in my PayPal account) or will it go back to PayPal?

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