picked up an unworn hospitaller m65 for 40 shipped. shoutout to triumvir's obscure size tags on their jackets. the seller didn't know what size it was so it ended with no bids. swooped in afterwards and worked out a deal. great timing because i really needed to retire my psycho brigade m65.

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you guys who got keychains - what time did yall place your orders?

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^whatever the case may be, every jacket/hoody/big ticket item i've bought at launch has gone on sale for 50% off a month later and was still available in my size. that's all i'm saying, i just need to smarten up and just wait a few weeks for the sale from now on to buy all the non t-shirt items.

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^well yeah, that's what i'm getting at. i usually buy my sz L in the stuff i want at launch. then when sales are announced, i look and see if whatever i bought at launch is still available. and 99% of the time, my size is still available in everything i already bought. L's never seem to sell out UNTIL the sale. if i was a XXL or a S, it'd be a different story though.

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i need to stop buying stuff right when it launches and just wait the extra few weeks to get everything i want during the inevitable 50% off sale. on top of saving money, it seems like buying stuff from the sales comes with discount codes/shipping codes you don't get when you buy items at launch. i could've saved hundreds so far if i had just waited for the sale everytime i buy something, haha

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wore the warrior division hoody out the other day and got lightweight checked by a real army dude. : \ i knew it was going to happen eventually. haha he just uttered "KC" to me a couple times and i told him i wasn't following. then he said something about the patch and asked if i was in korea company. then i realized what he was asking. of course i told him i wasn't, i said i had read about the history and liked the hoody. then he hit me with the meanest "cmon son" face i've ever seen. pretty much exactly what i expected to happen. haha oh well, i guess that's the double edged sword with wearing something that is largely military influenced..if you aren't a part of it, prepare to get stonefaced to hell when you reveal you aren't to someone who is.

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[Quote] lolz i wrote that guide/directory a few years ago. it's mad outdated. you gotta tell whoever you copied the list from that there's an updated one. here's a link to the current "bay area shopping guide". it's got most of the bay area's spots covered. niketalk.yuku.com/topic/11568 gotta copy and paste it though since i can't post links yet. : \

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haha damn i forgot all about these. i used to have a GRIP of them back in the day. i gotta look for mine.

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blood in blood out is indeed epic. one of my fav movies.. but as for the original question. i like menace a lot more.

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i've seen this movie about 15 times in the past month or two.. when there's nothing else on TV late night, this movie is on hbo. still gets me too. YOU SOUND LIKE YOU'RE FROM LONDON!!!!!!!!

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hopefully some ballistic sk8 hi's some folks on the forum are selling. too bad i can't PM them til i hit 15 posts. : \

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b grades are factory seconds or cosmetic seconds. typically nike bgrade boxes will be the shoe's normal box but have a huge b grade stamp on it. it's usually a circular stamp about 3-4 inches in diameter. on the shoe itself, there is a "B" stamped or written on the shoe's size tag. b-grades are flawed, but the flaw can vary in significance. the flaw could range from excess glue, a stain, a wrinkle, incorrectly placed patches, or a tear. i have some b-grade nikes that look EXACTLY the same as the a grade counterpart. i'd post pics, but i only have ~8 posts. : \ but if your shoes don't have any of that, then they are a-grade.

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any word on when stuff ordered during the sale will ship out? edit- nevermind, just got the shipping notification. blushing

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i got a L in the psycho brigade hoody and it fits perfect. does the warrior division joint run slimmer? or should i be good with the L in that too?

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