All size medium, looking to move fast so first come first served. Paypal verified (+4%) or money order. Add $10 for shipping (USPS w/ tracking). Only trades considered: - Crusader Varsity (black sz. L) - Champion hooded jacket (black or navy sz. L) - Supreme vans sz. 9.5 - 10 [Image] [LIST] [*]Box Logo '06 (8/10) - [B]$160[/B] - slight tear on pouch, right side. other than that, perfect condition. [*]World Famous "NYC $" (8/10) - [B]$140[/B] - felt lettering semi-faded but still intact. [*]2-Tone (10/10) - [b]$140[/b] [*]JA (9/10) - [b]$100[/b] - slight fading [/LIST]

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great pickup on the converse fragments

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what's good HB, cleaning out my dorm, help me clear some space. paypal preferred, but other forms of payment are good (paypal +4%, google checkout, m/o, cash). can meetup in bay area 408 or north bay/marin 415. reach me via PM or email (, I'm a busy college student but I reply quick. PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING (NO INTERNATIONAL, SORRY). will trade only for these specific items (in DS or like new condition only): [LIST] [*]supreme crusader varsity (L) - black or grey [*]supreme '10 x vans denim era (9.5, 10) [*]supreme "S" varsity (M) - heather grey or navy [*]supreme 26th bookbag & duffle [*]skull 5010 (30) [*]sexi04 (29, 30) [/LIST] [Image] [LIST=1] [*]samurai 0500xx Lot 10 (29x36) - [B]$220 - ONLY $, NO TRADES.[/B] [*]huf tribal/cross coach (M) - [B]$110[/B] [*]supreme black president (L) - [B]$25[/B] [*]neighborhood x supreme (M) - [B]$105[/B] [*]cukui lounge smoke (M, black pictured but selling in white), sold out - [B]$45[/B] [*]supreme basic - [B]$20[/B] [*]supreme old english - [B]$30[/B] [/LIST]

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dope pickups kayv.

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wish he did this for nba 2k11 instead, still nice.

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^ agreed, not a big Wiz fan, him & cudi are probably the 2 most overhyped artists right now, among my the people I know at least. that still blazin joint & his one with Wale are my shit though.

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those IH's are the best i've seen since the eternals.

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^Lol, was about to point that out. Lebron is gunna hate playing the Lakers if we sign Delonte.

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Nice supreme eras, decent fit Cody Simpson.

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[Quote] Semtex suggested that it sounded like Illmatic with College Dropout blended together, and J. Cole said that was right on point. http: //vimeo. com/ 13081385 Towards the end around 3:00 min mark.

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J. Cole did say his album would be a combo of College Dropout & Illmatic, and this sounds a lot like College Dropout..

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dibs on huf rakim, pm'ed you.

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[Quote] It's debatable who was the better scorer within that time frame where Tmac was relevent. But in terms of better player, Kobe's always been ahead of Tmac in that regard.

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August Underground series & Murder Set Pieces are among the goriest and most violent mainstream movies out there right now. There's a lot more violent movies that aren't well known/underground that I can't seem to remember.

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how much for bookbag & duffles in 1st pic?

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