Anyone else having this issue? After the update, embedded images/videos don't actually show up in Chrome, it's just blank posts.

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The regional forums are targeted by spammers on a regular basis. If you see spam, please click the flag button on the post so a moderator can remove the post and the account. Thank you!

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Me and my friends have done Diablo 3 to death. We can barely stand playing it anymore. Are there any other games out there that are worth playing as a group? Looking for something we can work through together like Diablo 3 that you can put a lot of hours into and still enjoy.

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Secret Content Any of you guys watching this new FX series?

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[URL] Starts at 25:38. I've heard it everywhere and I can't think of the name. Appreciate any help.

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Old thread was getting too big and causing problems for a lot of users. You guys know the rules.

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