Yo dudes & dudettes, I'm selling a bunch of stuff because I can no longer wear it. I'm also trying to save up for some big purchases, so I need this stuff gone. Prices [b]include[/b] shipping within the United States. Just add 4% if you choose to send payment as Goods/Services.      Supreme SS 2008 - $70  [Image]         Hit me up with a message with any questions. Can provide extra photos, measurements, etc. If you want multiple things let me know, I can knock a few dollars off for combined shipping. Not really looking for too many trades.

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Used a handful of times, mostly plane rides. $250 includes paypal fees, shipping, etc.  [Image]

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Cinemax original series. Yeah, that's weird. Cinemax doesn't really do tv shows; but they are trying to get into the game similar to HBO & Showtime.  Only reason I found out about it, I was cruising my local Best Buy, happened to see season 1 on sale for $19.99. I was like "Damn, an entire tv season on blu ray for only 20 bucks?" Plus the artwork caught my eye. [Image]

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Hey guys, cleaning out some stuff that I don't wear/have extras of/etc. Not really looking for trades, prices not the firmest.  All prices add 4% for PayPal, shipping included. Supreme Floral Navy Camp - Lightly worn - $130 Supreme Floral White Camp - Lightly worn - $130 Supreme Diamond Rib Football Jersey - Never worn - Small - $150 HUF - Never worn - $45 [Image]

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You guys have any picks yet? I honestly haven't anything that has blown me away yet, but I'm catching up on a lot of movies from earlier this year that I missed out on. Been downloading like 50 movies the past couple days. Got a few that I'm real excited to watch. So what have been your guys's favorites this year?

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So some 16 year old kid steals a bunch of beer from WalMart, gets drunk, drives his truck, and hits/kills 4 innocent pedestrians. Had a blood alochol level of .24, at the age of 16.  Mother fucker got 10 years of probation. PROBATION. The amount of charges he should have for this (underage DUI, vehicular manslaughter, assult with a deadly weapon, theft, etc etc) should have had him locked up for years and years.  The reason he only got probation is beause his defense attourny claimed since he is rich he has never had to deal with consequenses before, and doesn't know right from wrong. He had previously been found with a passed out, undressed 14 year old girl in his truck. Got off without anything. Fuck this kid. Fuck the American judicial system. Fuck rich white people. [URL]

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Do you guys ever just get into heated battles in the comments of YouTube? Like, some of the most ignorant people say the dumbest shit that makes me wonder why everyone in the world has access to the internet. [Embed content] Take this video for example, shit like this pisses me off. This dude is antagonizing police for no reason.  "Have you been drinking tonight, sir?" "Why no Mr. Police Man, I have not." "Alrighty then, have a wonderful night!." That fucking simple. But reading the comments, so many fucking right wing nutjobs are freaking out claiming that DUI checkpoints are illegal, steal all of our freedoms as Americans, and violate the 4th and 5th Ammendment. So, I argue with them in the comments and point out how fucking dumb they are. #latenightdrunkpost

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[URL] TL:DR - Tourist in LA was found dead in a water tank atop the Cecil Hotel. Hotel is known for lots of murders/suicides. Video surveillance of chick acting weird as fuck in the elevator right before she dies. Pretty strange. What do you think happened?

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Don't get me wrong, I'm the furthest thing from racist, or discriminating because of race; but I've never understood why most black people don't use the plural form of words when speaking about multiples? Specific example, money. $1.10 is a dollar and ten cents. But a lot of black people would say a dollar and ten cent. Without the s. Why don't black people use plurals?! Schools aren't segregated anymore. White and black people get the same eduaction. The same english lessons. I just don't get it.

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[URL] [Image] Thread worthy? Probably not. But holy fuck this place would be tight as fuck to live at.

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I've never been attracted to the Nike Roshe or Free Runs. Sure, they are probably real comfy, but they look ass. Not sure how the Roshe became the go-to shoe for streetwear kids. It's like the Vans Authentics for hardcore kids. Anyway, saw the Vans Graph today and it reminded me of the Free Runs/Roshe. Super lightweight. Better looks. Plus Vans > Nike. Anyone have a pair?  [Image]

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Hawks we in dis.

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$130 paypal'd gets you the Guns shirt shipped. [Image]

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So my kitty is making some weird ass chirping/barking noises. I think this things retarded. [Embed content]

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I was at work and some kid stole it from the counter when I had my back turned. Caught it all on our stores video surveillance, including the license plate of the car he left in. Should I try and seek out his address and take matters into my own hands, or let the police do their halfass "job" just to tell me there's nothing they can do. Wanna get my Dexter on. [Image]

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