Good Online Printers

what kind of printing? something special or just a simple screen print?

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Frank Ocean x Akira

hell of a fucking job g. u should do a series.. exhibition in the future?

2 Weeks ago in Arts

Is it possible to LEARN to draw?

dude, if you create one thing, you can create anything. the best test is to put pen to paper

2 Weeks ago in Arts

Air Jordan 2014 Releases/Speculation Thread [CHECK 1ST PAGE FOR DATES]

r these he got games gonna resell? not really into the all white, or basically all white high tops. but my guy has a connect on copping a few pair. any idea what the resell price might be?

2 Weeks ago in Jordan

Fashion Sales Reps

do u guys have a site? or portfolio? or anything i could take to some of my homies to recommend trusting u w their brand?

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Chino Pants

OMIT makes some pretty cool ones, there not really chinos tho. more like a denim/chino combo. sweet tho

2 Weeks ago in Fashion


haha what if mike did have a kid w this girl.. rachel is baddd

2 Weeks ago in Entertainment