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[Quote]Right...tarnish Beyonce's stellar reputation and ruin Jay-z's street credibility because Solange has an album coming out. You are quite the marketing wiz sir.

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[Quote][Image] Then you really have no stock in determining how big of a deal it is because the implications of this don't effect you in any shape or form....that's privilege

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[Quote]Your point of view is so short sighted. Mark my words you'll give a shit when you're sitting across from a Donald Sterling during a job interview or when it's time for a promotion and you're up against your fair skinned co-workers. The fact that you feel racism is burden that blacks should inherently know how to deal with speaks volumes... "Black people know how to deal with racist better than white people" No fuckin shit..where exactly do i put that on my resume? Right under my body is more resilient to NYPD ass whoppings than white people?  but yeah stay "hopeful" that the same organization that stomps out any instances of blackness with fines and penalties will bring justice to this issue.

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[Quote]It gets harder.

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[Quote]Historically the integration of blacks into American culture has been a struggle to say the least. Met with resistance and violence the sentiment became less about integration and more about creating a sphere within the culture that all blacks could acclimate to. Why don't other groups label themselves French-American (etc) ? Because for the most part they've assimilated. Why people with white skin can assimilate easier than people with darker skin need no explanation.

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[Quote]The migration process was a little different.

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In Amsterdam. Make sure you go to grey area....ask for the Casey Jones. Also visit Precint 5. Eat Pancakes.

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[Quote]i bet you were crushed when you found out wrestling was fake.

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[Quote]It's the same Rodeo. Brand is hard to get. Generates interest in consumers who find solace in exclusivity. Brand becomes mainstream. Betrayal sets in. rinse repeat.

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There's nothing remotely enjoyable about watching you play.

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[Quote]The color purple

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