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sounds like your stuck then. Trust, I know what your going thru.

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easily samurai champloo and something that I personally am into (i dont know about anyone else, nor do I care) is cromartie high. There was just something about it that was hilarious.

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My professor said that "vitamin water is for lazy people"... im in a health and nutrition class and I wont stop drinking them at all.

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This was honestly a waste of my money. There was no competition!!! Im more upset that I paid $49.99 plus tax for this, than the actual fact that I really thought that Hatton was going to make a show out of this fight. |0

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Donaire is my dog. I know that this comment is totally off subject but i truly believe that he is coming up. Maybe not totally to where manny is but he is strong none the less. btw... im pulling for hatton honestly. I think that the situation with his trainer will improve him. Now I can really think of him as a fighter and not so much as a brawler. Either way this will be an awesome fight.

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Highland hospital -- Oakland, Ca County hospital = gross. But it pays really well ftwsmokeyface

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[FONT="Arial"]So ive kinda been out of touch for a minute, so with that; What is the album information as far as these guys go? It'll be just another cd of there's that will just stay in the rotation.[/FONT]

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