You notice how Charlie had his guitar first time round and now hurley has one, Kate was in cuffs first time, and now Sayid is. Locke had something broken in his body (legs) and now ben has a broken arm.. I dunno maybe all trying to recreate circumstances that got them sent to the island, similar to Jack putting the shoes on Locke.

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Who was the guy who said to Jack at the airport check-in that he was sorry for his lost (he was also on the plane). Really familiar, was he in previous episodes or am I confusing the actor with a different show?

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[Quote] Take note people. This is how to watch a show properly. Nice one Drew ;)

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i reckon Locke is maybe jacob and the fact Locke keeps on going thru time,back and forth i think it's possible he might end up in that hut and be jacob for the times when jacob is seen on the island...if that makes sense to anyone..?

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I know it says he's a normal guy on his site, but I heard that he has Williams syndrome. Look it up , quite an interesting and relevant disorder in this case.

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[Quote] alice greczyn

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Watch some of Wong Fu Productions' stuff on youtube, their short movies are pretty dope. [URL]

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[Quote] bro if it wasn't 5am in the morning i'd hunt down all the clips of Cera in Arrested Development at his most awkward times. Guy can just be in the background but still be hilarious.

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[Quote] No offence, but Cassie should've been written off after the first episode with her in. I get that it's your job to post on forums and stuff Donnapop1 to advertise Skins etc etc, but i dunno if your shameless plugging is quite appriciated here. Like if you wanted to have a chinwag about Skins I guess you'd open up an account and mingle in other threads and not talk about the DVD release and all. But i get it's your job so i'm not hating, i'm just saying don't expect tons of people to be putting their ideas into this thread. I'm quite surprised the mods have kept your posts to be honest.

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Below is one reason for why you should see this film. [Image]

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[Quote] Find something that is limited but high in demand. Back when the Nike racism wristbands were released I bought about 20 of them, for

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[Quote] I feel you man, I wasn't having a go at you bro, I was only giving my 2 cents on the article. I'm just saying, people ranting on sites like that online don't mean anything. I'm down with speaking your mind etc and voicing your opinion. But when someone picks something as generic as "the content on a forum" then the point made becomes redunant- as in there are thousands of forums to pick up on and agree with or disagree with. Ya dig?

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[Quote] Exactly. There are always gonna be people who love something and another bunch of people who hate the exact same thing. Moaning on the internet is like rocking in a rocking chair. You can do it all day but it aint gonna get you anywhere. But it was a good read blushing

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I get what the person who wrote it is saying in the last part, fair enough. But the title 'Who cares what you're wearing today"...people that go on these websites. Like if you couldn't give a shit about people's fits then you won't go onto the WDYWT thread. Everyone in those thread, lurking or posting - in one way or another has an interest in that. But it's like that with any forum. In [B][I]MY[/I][/B] opinion, I don't give a shit about the following: -Forums relating to the Jonas Brothers -Forums relating to American football -Forums about skateboarding -Forums on Honda Civic's. There are PLENTY of people who care about the above, and i'm not knocking any of them (maybe Jonas bros) but it's just not in my interest to check them out. I just don't care- period. But it doesn't mean those things aren't popular. You can write an article like that on anything you think is ghey. It was a nice article, but I think the subject matter is completely subjective.

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I'v thought about this question for too long...dreamer huh.. Daniela De Jesus Cosio (natural beauty son) [Image]

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