Big Sean-Finally Famous Vol.3

I cant sleep until I get this

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I appreciate the little things in life.

Listening to a new mixtape on the train/car Waking up on a Saturday late Waiting for a package and finally getting it in the mail Buying new clothes/sneakers Conversing with a girl about "nothing" Naps The feeling after working out Women who can dress Those friends who always come through and bother you Photography Laughing/Smiling Morning Piss Late Night Drives Times with family

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Big Sean-Finally Famous Vol.3

Word, probably going to be released in the morning/afternoon

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Most comfortable shoes you own.

Am 90s as well

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Dom Kennedy x Curt@!n$v- 2 Sports Cars

Yeah this was ill and the way CurT@!n$ spells his name does bother me too. But I dont mind if he's excited, at least he trying

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Big Sean-Finally Famous Vol.3

Nah, I think he will finally release it

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Moving to Philly for school. Any good shopping spots? Would like to know some good places to eat and chill as well.

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Ever Body support Kid Cudi!!!

Word, I like Cudi alot but I think this song sucks. Rather him release Revofev as a single

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Daily Snaps 2010 2nd Quarter

Shoutout to most, been lurking for a while and this is one of my favorite threads. Will be posting pics soon.

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grey kirkland tees.

@keedvin - I've only seen M, L, XL

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[ONLY NY] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread

Yeah Im digging the brand alot, about to pick up a hoody and tee.

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[The Award Tour] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread

Yeah I mess with AT and I visit his blog and Madbury on the regular. Phil a cool dude.

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Dom Kennedy

Word, out here in NY barely anyone bumps him. I think hes dope though

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Big Sean-Finally Famous Vol.3

Yeah should be out tomorrow and like said before I don't mind if it's late as long as it's dope.

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[Supreme] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread

Feeling alot of the outerwear and hats. Overall good season. And Supreme NY definitely has a fitting room, its not much but it's there

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